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    Lisa's Fashion Obsession: Pink! Her new blog post has the best style picks in pretty pinks
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    Gold Medal Girls Check out all the Aussie gals who won big at the Rio 2016 Olympics!
  • Friend-Like-Me_Photo-By-Deen-van-Meer
    OMTG Aladdin the musical! Claire went to see the dazzling musical of one of our fave Disney movies and it did not disappoint!
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    WOW! Candice Went Trampolining! Candice tried some amazing jumps and explored all things nature and outdoors! Check it out!
  • The Secret Life of Pets movie
    The Secret Life Of Pets Trailer

    What do your pets REALLY get up to?

  • September Issue Of Total Girl
    September Issue Of Total Girl On Sale Now Featuring our cover star, Ariana Grande!
  • Olympic pins to collect
    Boxing Kangaroo Olympic Pins To Collect! The Olympics are here, so get collecting!
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