• May_HeroImage_switcher
    New May Total Girl On Sale Now! Zendaya is our cover star and it's all MAGIC!!!
  • Claire's Goss Blog
    I Saw The Jungle Book!!! New Claire's Goss Blog!
  • Fountain Saturday Disney
    Singapore Trip Part 2! Candice tells you all about Saturday Disney's trip to Singapore!
  • Kristy and Lisa's Fashion Blog
    Kristy's Autumn Top 5 Faves! New Kristy and Lisa's Fashion Blog post!
  • The Powerpuff Girls
    The Power Puff Girls Are Back!

    There’s an all-new series coming soon!

  • Cool Collectors
    CALLING ALL COOL COLLECTORS! You could be in Total Girl!
  • Charli's Crafty Kitchen
    Behind The Scenes With Charli! Go behind the scenes of a Total Girl fashion photo shoot!
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