• August issue of Total Girl out now!
    New August Total Girl Mag Out Now! August is TG's Dream Big issue! Check our awesome chat with Austin and Ally!
  • Mel Descendants Premiere
    TG's Mel was at The Descendants Premiere! And she meet so many cool stars!
  • TG Video
    The TG Team's Dream Jobs! The TG team answers Pip's August issue question!
  • Austin and Ally quiz
    Quiz: Who would be your Austin & Ally BFF?

    If you were on the show, who would you hang with?

  • Kristy and Lisa Fashion Blog
    Colourful Winter Outfits! Check out Lisa's adorbs colourful picks for winter!
  • Adventure Time
    5 Adventure Time Facts You Didn't Know

    It’s algebraic! Mathematical! It’s Adventure Tiiiiiime!

  • Katy Perry
    Katy Perry Sings For Charity! Check out this amaze performance that Katy did! 
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