• February Total Girl on sale now!
    New February Total Girl On Sale Now! Dove Cameron's our cover star, it's back to school and Shopkins!
  • Taylor Swift video game
    Taylor Swift’s Making A Video Game!

    Play as Tay!

  • Blogging tips
    New Jessie's Blog Post! Jessie shares her best blogging tips!
  • Candice Sound Of Music
    New Saturday Disney Blog Post! Ice skating, the Sound of Music and more!
  • Shopkins Unboxing
    Shopkins Season 4 Unboxing! TG's Claire and Lucy get four Shopkins from S4! Can you guess which ones?
  • Claire's Goss Blog
    The Cutest Cat Game Ever! Claire gives you all the goss about Neko Atsume!
  • February Total Girl video
    Total Girl's Funniest School Memories Our most embarrassing and LOL-worthy moments!
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