12 Weird Zootopia Facts

by TG's Claire | Oct 24, 2016
Hey TGs, I'm back from my holidays!

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia

I know you guys loooove Zootopia, so I thought I'd dig up some cray facts for you: 

  1. One giraffe has more than 9 million CGI hairs on his body! According to Screen Rant, this is more hairs than the last three Disney animated features put together! That is way, way hairier than even Rapunzel, who’s pretty famous for her mane (but isn’t, you know, actually COVERED in hair). Even smaller creatures have epic numbers of hairs – a mouse has about 400,000 hairs.
  2. Shakira the pop star from Colombia voices the super glam Gazelle. She contributed a song called Try Everything; Sia and Stargate wrote it.
  3. Judy the rabbit and your adorable heroine gets her mobile phone coverage from ‘PB&J’ – it says so on her screen. PB&J, get it?
  4. In Germany, the title of the movie is Zoomania.
  5. One of the sloths, Priscilla, is voiced by Kristen Bell (who also voices this character you may have heard of, Anna in Frozen). IRL, Kristen is a massive fan of sloths, so much so that when her friend tried to surprise her with one, Kristen started to bawl because she was so happy.
  6. To get their animal characters just right, the research team visited Kenya in Africa to see animals on the savannah and check out an IRL animal society in the wild.
  7. The team did heaps of homework - they spent than 15 months studying animal movement, fur and behaviour. They even examined fur on a microscopic level!
  8. During his studies of animals, one guy on the team got attacked so many times he ended up with the nickname Nate the Bait.
  9. The world of Zootopia has only mammals and some flies – it lacks reptiles, birds, fish, or amphibians.
  10. Trees in this movie have about 30,000 leaves on them and software was used to make sure even the plants never stayed still.
  11. The movie went crazy on animal-themed takes on real-world things, so keep an eye for Urban Snoutfitters (Urban Outfitters, a fashion store), Zuber (Uber, the ride sharing service), Targoat (like Target) and many more.
  12. The flower shop is called Flora and Fauna, really just a fancy way of saying ‘plants and animals’ but also the names of two of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty.

If you lived in Zootopia, what kind of animal would you be? Tell me in the comments!

Claire xo 



  1. 15 Lucia 14 Nov
    l think you are nailing the job as the new gossip guru, if someone asked you to do fashion blog instead, it would seem as if you had been doing to all your life, you make the mag awesome! Keep nailing the job as I'm sure you def will! Please answer to my comment if you can! :)
  2. 14 Lucia 14 Nov
    I would be a monkey because they are so full of energy and always keep you happy! :)
  3. 13 Lucia 15 Nov
    Dear Claire, 
    l would be a lion because of their high levels of confidence.
    In Zootopia, me and Judy hopps would be a jam packed fearless team! Can you give me some tips on how to stay so confident and postitive?
  4. 12 Lailah 16 Nov
    I would probs be a rabbit 'cause there totes my fave animal and 'cause how fast I am!🐰
  5. 11 TG's Claire 18 Nov
    Hey Lucia! Thanks for saying nice things about my goss blog! You are so sweet and I really appreciate your comments. I like monkeys and lions too! In fact, I think I like basically the entire animal kingdom. Your question on tips to stay positive and confident is an interesting one. For confidence, I find it helps to not worry about what other people think about me. I can't possibly control what they think! All I can do is be me! And it helps to remember that. To stay positive, I would like to offer you some words of advice from TG's Lucy, who is the most posi person I know: 

    1) The state of your bed is the state of your head. By this, Lucy means if you make your bed in the morning, your day will be off to a great start. Sounds weird, but it actually does help you start you day in a positive frame of mind!
    2) If you do have a bad day, remind yourself it's a bad day, not a bad life! 
    3) What you think about, you bring about. By this, Lucy means if you think things are going to be cool, fun and A-OK, they most likely will be!

    xo Claire

    Hi Lailah! It's awesome you're a super fast runner! I wish I were, but I totally am not! I should practise! 
    xo Claire
  6. 10 Lucia 18 Nov
    It made me really happy to see you answer, these tips will help me a lot! Thank you :)
  7. 9 Jess 05 Dec
    Great blog! I would love to be an animator and use the website scratch to learn how to code! (My page is JessJean just in case you want to I dunno, check it out?) You do a great job keep up the good work! If I lived in zootopia and couldn't be Judy then I'd be a wolf!
  8. 8 TG's Claire 06 Dec
    Hey Jess! I think you should defs be an animator if that's what you really want to do! I once tried to create a 3D animation using 3D Studio Max. It was hard! I don't think it was my jam. But I definitely admire people who are good at it. I can't wait to see your work one day, hopefully in cinemas! It's cool how you'd be a wolf. I think I'd be a cat, coz I love napping. xo
  9. 7 Kate 28 Dec
    That was an awesome post! Keep it up, TG!!! 😘
  10. 6 Kauthar 07 Jan
    id like to be a bunny just like Judy Hopps!
  11. 5 Jess 17 Jan
    I'm sure if you stick with it you'll be great at animating - just like blogging :) I'm not very good at it yet Claire but I might get there LOL! ILY stay cool xoxoxoxo
  12. 4 Amelie 24 Jan
    Wow!!!!!! Knew none of the facts!!!  How'd you work it out!!!! #IWANNABEYOU!!!!
  13. 3 TG's Claire 25 Jan
    Thanks Jess! You rule!

    Hi Amelie, thanks for the comment #ITHINKYOUROCK!
  14. 2 Jess 26 Jan
    OMG Claire! I just thought how cool would it be if TG had a talent competition? You guys should totes do that this year!!!!
  15. 1 Jennifer 17 Mar
    i would either be a wolf or a fox I just can't decide?
     And thanks Claire for making these totally amazing blogs!!!!!!❤️😊😊😊😊❤️


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