All The Goss From The Radio Disney Awards

by Jess | May 20, 2016
Hey Tgs!
Guess who’s back from LA?! Meeeeee! And I had the best time EVER!
Firstly I wanna give a HUGE thank you to Disney Channel Australia for taking me on the most awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience half way across the world and bringing me on set to all my fave Disney shows and to the Radio Disney Music Awards (which I’ll tell you guys ALL about!)


So let’s get to it!
After a 13 hour flight (without much sleep cos I was soooo excited!) we landed in sunny Los Angeles and chilled out at our totally rad hotel to rest up for the day before we got to work.
The first proper day we got there we headed in to Hollywood where we went to the set of Girl Meets World. I got to check out all the awesome sets like the school, the living room and lots more. Some of the actors were rehearsing, which was great to watch! I then sat down with the super cool Rowan Blanchard and interviewed her, followed by the bubbly Sabrina Carpenter. Both girls were SO lovely and SO awesome to talk to!

Sabrina and I hanging out on set
The next day we were back at it again – this time on set at Liv and Maddie!
There I interviewed Joey Bragg (who was soooo funny!) and Dove Cameron (who was totally gorgeous and really lovely!) Later on, I got to take a bunch of photos of their set (the Mexican restaurant one was my fave – it looked totes real!)

The hilarious Joey Bragg!
After we hung out wit the Liv and Maddie crew, we headed off to ANOTHER set lot – this time for KC Undercover! I was SO excited for this, cos I’m a HUGE fan of Zendaya! They were shooting the show for real when we got there, so we were lucky enough to watch them film a live scene (it was really funny!)
After they finished the scene, I got to speak to Trinitee Stokes (who plays Judy) – I totes adored her, she was so sassy and cool!
Then I spoke to Kamil McFadden (who lays Ernie), Veronica Dunne (who plays Marisa) then ZENDAYA HERSELF! They were all super cool, just like I thought they would be!

Zendaya and Kamil were awesome.
Finally it was the big day – the Radio Disney Music Awards!! We hit up the red carpet on a lovely sunny day and waited for the celebs. OMTG! There were soooo many! I got a bunch of photos with them – check it out for yourself!

Me and Dove Cameron
Hey Flo Rida!
It’s Alessia Cara!
We then went inside to watch the show – which was AMAZING! My fave part (which was soooo hard to choose) was probs when Ariana Grande sang! She has the best voice ever! 

We also caught up with one of our fave Saturday Disney friends, Candice!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my stories, guys! This is, like, a super condensed version of it – if you wanna see more pics of me with celebs, behind the scenes at the RDMAs and super-secret on set photos of all your fave Disney shows, then be sure to pick up the August issue of Total Girl, where I’ll be including ALL THE THINGS!
Hope you guys have been well!
Love your pal Jess x  


  1. 10 Ocean Girl 25 May
    Hi Jess!
    I'm a new fan and I hope you don't think it's weird that I'm telling you a little bit about me. Anyways, I'm really into all things sport, ocean, corny inspo quotes, and of course...TG! :) My hobbies include soccer, swimming, basketball, sleepovers with my besties, playing with my two puppies, going on ALL the scary rides, and reading AH-MAZING TG mags. Sorry I'm rambling! #Embarrassing! I'll get to the point: I think your mag is the best, I get it every month and always love everything. It's clear how much effort goes into these awesome mags, you and the crew are amazeballs and it shows on every page.

    The new mag is super cool! I love all the bestie swag and all the Dove Cameron stuff. I'm totally going to start a club where ALL cute puppies and my besties are allowed. BTW: Where did you get that cute blue cushion with love on it in gold? It's adorbs!  :) Anyway, see you in your next post!

    xoxo Ocean Girl
  2. 9 Natalie 26 May
    Hey Jess!

    That sounded so AMAZING!!! I always wanted to go to LA.  I can't believe you met Zendaya and Dove. Must of been a great expirence.
    Make more blogs please!!!!!!!

    From Natalie
  3. 8 Jess 27 May
    Hey Ocean Girl!
    No way, that's defs not weird - I love hearing all about you guys!
    That's awesome that you've got so many hobbies - what breed of dogs do you have? I LOVE dogs - they're the best!
    I'm so glad you love the mag! We work super hard every month to make sure you guys get the best articles :)
    How cute is that pillow?! I believe Lucy (who set up the awesome clubhouse) got the pillow from K-Mart.
    Jess xx

  4. 7 Jess 27 May
    Hey Natalie!
    It was SO much fun! I can't believe it either! They were both soooo lovely and sweet.
    I will defs try to update more often for you guys :)
    Jess xx
  5. 6 Starla 07 Jun
    Hey Jess! 
    Wow, your soooo lucky to go to LA! sounds like you had lots of fun. I am a HUGE fan oof TG!  

    love Starla, xoxo
  6. 5 CLO 18 Jul
    So  jealous. I LOVE all the people that you met!!! I heart Total Girl!!!
    Luv CLO, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
  7. 4 Molly 10 Aug
    That's so amazing! Good job, I can't believe you would get this opportunity. I mean flying to LA, that's crazy!!!
    Good luck on your next trip👍
  8. 3 Reia 14 Aug
    Hi Jess,
    That's awesome! Zendaya and Dove rock! You are so lucky! I love total girl
    from Reia number 1 Total Girl fan
  9. 2 Aman Swift/Carpenter 19 Sep
    Hey Jess!

    I am one of the biggest Sabrina Carpenter fans ever! You are so lucky that you got to meet her, she is one of my top 3 biggest idols, and I bet she was as amazing as you described her! I am also one of the biggest Taylor Swift fans too! Sabrina would've been so amazing, I hope I get to meet her someday!

    From Aman the Swiftie & Sabrinator
  10. 1 Molly 03 Jan
    Hi Jess I loooooooooooooove total girl my fav celeb is def Maddie Ziegler I loved the blog


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