Getting to Know The Vamps, The Tide... And Me!

by Jess | Feb 19, 2016

Hey guys!


Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s been busy, busy, busy here (but so much fun as always!)


Have you guys picked up the latest TG yet? If you haven’t, be sure to coz there’s an awesome article on toy reviews that I did. It was SO much fun coz my best friend’s sister (and TG reader) Kiki got to come in and help me review a bunch of awesome toys – we had SUCH a blast! Best job ever, right?!


Other than that, I’ve been running around doing interviews as always – this time I spoke to the boys from The Vamps and The Tide while they were touring; they were all so cool! Check out these pics I got with them…

The Vamps 
The Vamps!

The Tide
The Tide!

A couple of you wanted to know a bit about me – so I present you with everything you need to know about your fave entertainment writer (LOL jks… but srsly)!


What is your middle name?: Martine – it’s French, and my dad’s name is Martin!

What was favourite subject at school?: Drama!

What is your favourite drink?: Sparkling mineral water – yum.

What is your favourite song at the moment?: I’m still obsessed with ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift! 

What is your favourite food?: That’s a tough one! I LOVE Japanese food – so maybe sashimi.

What is the last thing you bought?: Chicken Schnitzel from the café downstairs, and it was delish.

Favourite Colour?: Blue

Do you have any pets?: 3 dogs named Sampson, Maisie and Rocky.

Favourite Holiday?: When I was first at uni, I went on a one month exchange to France – it was so much fun!

Do you speak any other language?: A teensy bit of French, Italian and Spanish.

How many siblings do you have?: I have two younger brothers called Jake and Kelly.

Favourite restaurant?: Papi Chulo’s in Manly (their steak brisket is AH-MAZING!)

When was the last time you cried?: Yesterday from laughter when Mal, one of TG’s designers, emailed me a funny video!

Favourite Movie?: The Wizard of Oz (when I was little I wanted to be Dorothy!)

Favourite animal: Dogs! I love all dogs!

Favourite sport: I used to be a cheerleader – so I’ll have to say that! I love to watch the surfing, too.


Whew! Hopefully that answered a couple of your questions – please feel free to ask my more, I’m always happy to answer stuff for you guys :)


Oh – and some of you wanted an update on Sammy, Maisie and Rocky – well my dad sent me this pic today, how adorbs are they?!


I can’t wait to go home and hug them! Also, here’s a picture of Maisie and I (I don’t think she was very interested in getting a selfie LOL.) 

Jess and dog

Until next time, legends!


Jess x


  1. 17 annonymous 19 Feb
    Who is your favourite singer
    what was your favourite place in France 
    what is your favourite breed of dogs
  2. 16 Natalie 19 Feb
    Sammy, Maisie and Rocky are SUPER cute. Adorable dogs! ^_^
  3. 15 Brook 20 Feb
    Hi Jess!
    I am a new total girl fan and i've just read all of you're posts! You are awesome, no wonder they chose you to work at TG! I love the colour blue as well and I can't believe you watch surfing as well! Don't you just love that rush of adrenalin?! You're dogs are totes the cutest EVER! The Vamps are A-W-E-S-O-M-E, just like you!:)
    I love the new issue of TG! Look forward to seeing another post soon!
    Endless smiles and TG spirit
    You're 1# fan
  4. 14 Jess 22 Feb
    Hey Anonymous! My fave singer right now is prob Taylor, my fave place in France was Paris and Strasbourg (it was snowing in Strasbourg and was super pretty!), and my favourite breed of dogs - hmmm, that's hard! I love all dogs, but probs any large breeds are my favourite (only coz I'm biased coz I have three big dogs!) 
    Jess x
  5. 13 Jess 22 Feb
    Thanks Natalie! I'll be sure to tell them that :) Jess x
  6. 12 Jess 22 Feb
    Hey Brook! I'm so glad you like my posts :)
    Yeah, it's totally awesome! Aww thanks - I have to agree I think they're pretty cute too! The Vamps were so cool, I really enjoyed interviewing them. 
    Glad you're loving this month's issue (how cool is the cover with Sel? One of my faves, i think!) 
    Jess x
  7. 11 Sophie 27 Feb
    Cool! I went to The Vamps and it was heaps of fun. I really enjoyed The Tide when they performed, too!
  8. 10 Jess 29 Feb
    Hey Sophie! Thats awesome, I wish I could have gone to the show. Sounds like it was heaps of fun! Jess x
  9. 9 Abi 29 Feb
    Hey Jess :)
    your SO lucky you have the coolest job!
    Whats your fav food and movie?
    Abi xoxo
  10. 8 Soul Surfer 29 Feb
    Hi Jess!
    Thanx 4 you're amaze update!
    My fave colour is blue and I LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs!
    Soul Surfer
  11. 7 Jess 02 Mar
    Hey Abi!
    I am lucky indeed - it's such an amazing job and I work with the coolest people, so I'm very very lucky :)
    My fave food - hmm, that's I tough one! I love ALL food! But right now probs watermelon. Sooo delish to eat on a hot day! 
    My favourite movie would probably be The Wizard of Oz - I was obsessed with it as a kid and wanted to be Dorothy!
    Jess x
  12. 6 Jess 02 Mar
    Hey again Soul Surfer!
    No worries, glad you enjoyed :) 
    Blue is probs my fave colour ATM too (it changes sometimes, LOL).
    I love dogs too (but you totally would already know that with how many pics I show you guys of my dogs, haha!)
    Jess x
  13. 5 TG- Fan 18 Mar
    Hi Jess!
    Today I went to Harbor Town, Dreamworld, and White Water World! SO. MUCH. FUN!! I got some cool surf clothes at Beach City (I got a super cute swimsuit with 2 swans making a heart shape, and an aussie shirt) totes adorbs! My mum said we'll prons be going to White Water World and Dreamworld again on Monday, and she'll pay for me to go on the Flowrider! I find that amazing, because i've ALWAYS wanted to surf, 1st step!
    BTW I LOVE the new mag!
    TG- Fan
  14. 4 TG- Fan 21 Mar
    Oops! I mean probs! :p
  15. 3 Jess 11 Apr
    Hey TG-Fan!
    Wow, sounds like a jam packed time, that's awesome! I've always wanted to go to Dreamworld. 
    Your swimsuit sounds super cool, that will be great for beach days!
    Thanks so much, we love when you guys like the mag since we work so hard to make sure it's packed with great info for you guys each month :)
    Jess x
  16. 2 Julie 07 May
    That"s cute!
  17. 1 Katherine 14 May
    Your dog is so cute


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