I Met Ross Lynch And R5!

by Jess | Jan 27, 2016

Hey buddies!


I hope you’re all well! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on my shenanigans, so allow me to fill you in on aaaallll the things.


I’m sure lots of you are fans of R5 right? 

Well guess what…? 


I got to go hang out with them while they were here in Sydney on tour! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

And the best part was that they were all SOOOOO nice. Like, so lovely!


I got to chat to them about what they’re getting up to while they’re in Australia and what their plans are for this year (spoiler alert: they all want to get a house and move in together, cute!) and we also made a super funny video where they had to give me five things that started with ‘R’ for a bunch of different subjects – it was pretty hilarious (Ross couldn’t think of many, LOL!). 


I brought up the fact that my last name is ALSO Lynch, so basically, I should be the 6th member. They totally agreed (but I don’t know how useful I’d be… I can maybe play the triangle? Haha!)


I also told Rocky how my Golden Retriever is also called Rocky Lynch – so he should feel proud to share a name with such a magnificent creature. He was pretty stoked!


Rocky Lynch - who wore it better?

Rocky Lynch & Rocky Lynch – who wore it better?


Check out this pic I got with them, too. I could totally be a member of the band, right? Just the much shorter member I guess (they’re all really tall!).

R5 and Jess

It was an awesome day, and I’m so excited for you guys to read all the goss they told me it in the April issue of TG!


Also, don’t forget to grab the March issue too, because I don’t want to give too much away, but I got to do a REALLY fun shoot with one lucky TG reader; we had sooo much fun!


What have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments!


Laters friends,

Jess x


  1. 23 Soul Surfer 27 Jan
    OMG, Jess! You met R5 they are my favourite band along with The Vamps and 5SOS. I also love how R5's Ross Lynch is also in Teen Beach movie and Austin & Ally with Laura Marano. Am I right?! :)
    My day at school was amaze and thanks for replying to ALL of my comments! I am so glad TG has you on their team. You're AWESOME!!
  2. 22 Jess 28 Jan
    Hey Soul Surfer,
    Good to hear from you again! 
    Yep - you're right! 
    Awesome! I actually also met and interviewed The Vamps a few days after I met R5 (they were so lovely!) 
    I'll be sure to include a pic in my next post :)
    Oh, thanks so much! You're awesome too!
    Jess x
  3. 21 Abi 30 Jan
    Hey Jess!
    WOW! R5 are awesome you actually got to meet them? Whats Ross Lynch like?  He is awesome!
    What have i been up to well, my school only starts this Monday so ive had an extra few days of holidays! I have been watching ALL the Harry Potter movies over and over again! Harry Potter is probably the best thing in the world to me! I have read the books and watched the movie one million times im even going to name my dog a characters name from Harry Potter:) Have you ever met any of the Harry Potter actors?
     I also have been trying to advertise my business which is a lolly buffet business its much harder to get customers than you think! :) Oh and if Soul Sufer can see this Hi! You may remember me from Jess's last blog. How have your holidays been? How's school going? I woulld just like to thank you jess for always replying i really appriciate it! Reading your reply always puts a smile on my face! Your really amazing without you TG wouldnt be the same
    Abi xoxo
  4. 20 Abi 30 Jan
    Oh an also have you got any tips on hairstyles for school? I have curly hair so putting it up is tough! :)
    youre really cool:)
    Thanks again 
    Abi xoxx
  5. 19 Natalie 31 Jan
  6. 18 Beki 01 Feb
    hi, i find that soooo cool that you MET ROSS LYNCH !!!! He is soooooooooo cute, and also my dream boyfriend!
  7. 17 Soul Surfer 02 Feb
    Sup, Abi!
    It is soooooo good to hear from you again! Hope you had an AWESOME first day of school, I know I did. I also LOVE Harry Potter they are the best right?! It's so cool we are talking to each other back 2 back! Totally e-mates! LOL! Anyway, I am SO sorry if my advice did not help and for the record I would go to you're lolly buffet ( it sounds delish!) :)
    My advice to any girl who has curly hair ( I have straight hair) would be iron it, shag it out over you're with some glitter gel, or a cute messy ponytail. How was you're chat with you're friends? Did you sell more treats? Please except my request to be e-mates and TG friends. In you're next comment please reply yes or no to being TG friends. Isn't Jess awesome? Seeya later Abi! :):):):)
  8. 16 Soul Surfer 02 Feb
    Oh and Abi?
    Do you have any tips to make you're amaze treats?
    Do you have any dogs? (I have a rottweiler puppy named Cujo)
    Are you AWESOME?! Of course you are! :)
    Hope you accept my TG friend request!
  9. 15 Lauren 06 Feb
    Hi Jess!
    I cannot wait for my yr 6 school camp Jess, and I looooooooooooooooooooooooove R5!!
  10. 14 PUPPIES & TG 10 Feb
  11. 13 PUPPIES & TG 11 Feb
  12. 12 Natalie 15 Feb
    Sounds like an Awesome experience Jess! Did you know my sister is called Jess? Anyway, I been up too.... hmmmm...... Oh yeah! A few weeks ago I went to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Opera House! It was so fun I went in the Opera House!!! And I went to a restaurant over there called Extra. It was all so cool! I was about to go on a boat. But I don't trust boats anymore, I hate it when they sink.
  13. 11 Jess 19 Feb
    Hey Abi - Ross was so lovely, they all were! That sounds awesome - I love Harry Potter! i havent met any of the actors yet, but I hope I can one day! Awww thanks so much for your support - reading comments from you guys totally makes my day! Jess x
  14. 10 Jess 19 Feb
    Hey Lauren - how exciting! I used to LOVE going on school camps. Have you gone yet? If so, how was it? Jess x
  15. 9 Jess 19 Feb
    @PUPPIES&TG <3<3 <3 :) 

    Jess x
  16. 8 Jess 19 Feb
    Hey Natalie - that's rad! Tell her she has the coolest name ;) 
    How fun! Yeah boats can be a bit scary, they can be a lot of fun, though! Good to hear you had a great time! 
    Jess x
  17. 7 Jess 19 Feb
    Hey Soul Surfer! I totally dig your dog's name! I've always wanted a dog called Cujo ever since i read the book by Stephen King. Jess x
  18. 6 Soul Surfer 20 Feb
    Thanx Jess!
    It means so much 2 me knowing my fave entertainment writer digs MY dogs name!:)
  19. 5 mihayla 18 Mar
    i will like to meet them to.
  20. 4 Tilly 🦄 10 Apr
    Hey Jess! I really love your entertainment blog and have been reading TG since 2013. You are amazing! And I bet it is so cool for you to attend so many cool award shows! You are amazing!
    Tilly xx


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