Nickelodeon Slimefest Fun!

by Jess | Oct 06, 2015

Hey new friends!


My name is Jess and I’ve taken over at TGHQ as the new entertainment writer!


I’m super excited to get to know you all – so let me tell you a bit about myself and what I’ve been doing in my first month working at the COOLEST place ever!


It's defs been a whirlwind! I’ve been super busy having lots of fun (and finding cool stuff to show you in TG’s next issue!)


Just last week, Erin (our web guru) and I were lucky enough to go to NICKELODEON SLIMEFEST! Can you believe it?! I’ve totes wanted to go to Slimefest since I was little!

Samantha Jade, Jess and Erin

Anyway, we had an awesome time! We even got to interview some cool celebs and play some funny games with them. We spoke to At Sunset, Reece Mastin and Samantha Jade; OMTG, they were all SO nice and really funny!

At Sunset, Jess and Erin Total Girl

I’ve also been busy interviewing some other cool celebs, like Swedish singer Zara Larsson and Little Mix! Make sure you pick up the next issue of TG, coz you might just see them in there, hehe :)


Hmmm what else can I tell you guys about myself?


OH! I totes LOVE dogs (and all animals pretty much!)

Jess and dogs

I have three big dogs at home, their names are Sampson (he’s a German Shepherd cross Mastiff), Rocky (Golden Retriever) and Maisie American Pitbull Terrier). They’re soooo cheeky and are always getting up to mischief together, but they’re sooo cute so I can never stay mad at them (even when Sampson stole one of my brand new shoes LOL).

Rocky the Golden Retriever

What about you guys? Do you have any pets? Who is your fave singer at the moment? (mine is Taylor!) I want to know everything about you all!


Speak soon, pals!

Jess x


  1. 9 Meg 18 Oct
    OMTG I also love all animals you r so Coll jess I have always wanted to go to slimefest it's my dream! I love your blog and can't stop reading it. :) 
  2. 8 Aaliyah 08 Nov
    Omg! We have so much in common! I am toats looking forwards for that little mix interview :D! I also looove dogs! I have a pet dog called sweetie and she is a pug (and she gets up to lots of mischief)! My favourite singer is also Taylor Swift! What a coincidence! I also have a kitten called lulu! In Sweden i have 2 bunnys but they are being well looked after by my nan! I enjoy shopping, do you? I also read books in my spare time!
  3. 7 Jess 09 Nov
    Hey Meg! Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! I think my dogs are adorable, too (even though they can be naughty sometimes LOL) I had sooo much fun at Slimefest - I had always wanted to go since forever as well! Jess x
  4. 6 Jess 09 Nov
    Hey Aaliyah - what a pretty name you have! OMTG - I love pugs! They're so cute! My dogs can get up to lots of mischief too, just yesterday Maisie opened up our big front doors and escaped (but she came back quickly, luckily!) I would LOVE to have a kitten - unfortunately my dad is allergic so he would be sneezing all the time if we had one! I love bunnies too - they're so adorable! I LOVE shopping (a little bit too much, I spend lots of my money on clothes, haha!) Where is your fave place to shop? I also love reading in my spare time, too. Jess x
  5. 5 Elsie 30 Jan
    Your dogs are so, so, so, cute!
  6. 4 joesy 15 Feb
    your dogs are so so so so so cute they look  nice
  7. 3 jas 03 May
    I have got a cat
  8. 2 ching'ka 10 Sep
    Hey Jess,

    I think your hair should be pink because you look beautiful with pink! #I Do Have Dogs Called Naachi and Jasmine!
  9. 1 Chloe h 23 Dec
    I have two dogs that are staffys one is a girl and one is a boy their names are blade and trixy. At the moment Taylor swift and Demi Lovato are my favourite singers.


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