• Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie!

    by TG's Aaron | Oct 06, 2017

    Faster than a speeding waistband, more powerful than boxer shorts and balder than a boiled egg – it’s Captain Underpants! Dav Pilkey’s famous (maybe infamous is better suited) book series is coming to the big screen and the wait is only, ah, brief… George and Harold are major pranksters, much to dislike of their very angry and unstable principal, Mr. Krupp.

    In fear of being split up into separate classes by a raging Krupp, the pair hypnotise him. At the click of their fingers, he instantly transforms into their original comic book character Captain Underpants. It sounds like a great idea, right? Well, yes and no. See the problem is he now believes he is a super hero; it’s just that he’s one without the wit of Batman or powers of Super Man… for now. As Captain Underpants, Krupp is a clumsy hero with the best of intentions – a complete transformation from his normal self who may be just the hero they need.

    Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is cinemas now!

  • New Powerpuff Girl Revealed!

    by TG's Aaron | Sep 19, 2017
    Hey TGs!

    Now, you may have caught wind about the forthcoming reveal in the worlds best all-girl super trio, Powerpuff Girls. If you haven't, here is the short of it: Cartoon Network will unveil a new Powerpuff Girl in a five-part movie event this month. 

    So now we're all up to date, let's get into some details. The new addition to the Powerpuff fam is called Bliss. Unlike her super siblings, she is a teenager and was created by the professor before Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. We're not going to spoil the whole surprise, coz let's face it – spoilers are the worst – but doesn't she look amaaazing!?


    We were lucky enough to get some time with the character's Australian and New Zealand voice actor, Wendy Ayche, a.k.a Wengie. We asked her all about her new role, so check out the interview below! Beware: there are some spoilers, but nothing too detailed that it will ruin the surprise.


    What was your reaction when you found out you would be voicing the newest Powerpuff Girl?

    Well, when I first got the request, I actually didn’t think it was real. I thought, “Is this a prank? Is this real?” I went to my team and asked them to double check it. Once I found out it was a real request, I freaked out! I love the Powerpuff Girls and I’ve worked with Cartoon Network before. I was so ecstatic.

    At that point, I still had to go through an audition. I was kind of nervous, but then I told myself “OK Wengie, you make weird voices all the time, this is your thing!” I literally walk around the house all day making weird voices, so I felt really prepared for it. I did the audition. I had a professional voice coach make sure I was OK, then I did some of the lines from an episode. After that, they said they would call me in three days. When I finally got the call, I freaked out! I danced around my apartment. I was both relieved and happy at the same time. 

    Without giving too much away – what kind of personality traits do you share with Bliss?

    A lot! Well, she was a loner for a long time and I relate to that a lot. When I was younger, I was very introverted and quiet. I use to sit in class in my own little world, even to the point where every single report card said, “Wendy is a quiet, happy girl” – every single one! So I do relate to her loneliness. I relate a lot to her vulnerability and the fact that she is quite powerful. I believe deep down that every girl has a great secret power, but they sometimes don't realise it. That was the same with me – I had so much potential, but I didn’t believe in myself for a lot of my life. With Bliss, it’s not until she gets that support from the Powerpuff Girls that she really found her powers and became confident. Every girl goes through that. You have so much potential; you just need to activate that. No matter how lonely or different you feel!

    What does Bliss bring to the Powerpuff Girls?

    I think she's relatable. The rest of the Powerpuff Girls have been together so long, they know each other so well; they are confident in their abilities – they have saved the world so many times – it’s good to see this new character come in. She’s a little unsure of herself, a little bit different and trying to fit in. I think everyone has been in that situation. I love that dynamic she brings to the group. It makes the other Powerpuff Girls stop and say, “Hey! We’ve to go to help include this girl.”

    The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four
    premiers 4pm Saturday September 23 and 24 on Cartoon Network.

    See ya later, TGs!

    Aaron :)
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway

    by TG's Aaron | Sep 11, 2017
    Hey hey hey TGs!

    I'm here to grace your Monday some squee-worthy news – a new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book will be released November 7 this year! The new book, the 12th in the series, is titled The Getaway.

    The Heffley fam plan to escape for the Christmas holidays. Instead of sticking to their usual routine – spending the holiday season at home – they opt for a more tropical setting. In true Heffley fashion, not all goes as planned. The tropical island getaway isn't all it's cracked up to be, and the odds are against the accident-prone family, threatening to ruin their vacation in paradise. Another funny tale form Jeff Kinney that's sure to get fans of Greg and his hilare family.


    Have a great week, TGs!

    Aaron :)
  • Interview: Debby Ryan

    by TG's Aaron | Sep 01, 2017
    Happy Friday TGs!

    Earlier in the year I caught up with Disney royalty, Debby Ryan. Those unfamiliar with the name (fans are no doubt skipping a beat at her mention) will know Debby from her role in the Disney Channel sitcoms Jessie. Any waaay... We had a sit down and chat about her latest movie Rip Tide. It was actually filmed in Kiama, NSW – a beautiful town on the south coast. I won't give too much away, coz there is nothing worse than spoilers (Amirite?), but Debby plays Cora – a young fashion model who leaves behind her troubles in America for beach town in Australia. We had a great chat about the new flick and her experiences in Australia. It was a lot of fun and I have no doubt you will all enjoy it as much as I did. Check it out below :)

    TG: Hi Debby! Thanks for talking to us. We're huge fans. In your new movie Rip Tide, you play a girl named Cora. What experiences did you share with your character during filming and did you enjoy your time in Australia?

    Debby: Yeah, I did. Fortunately it wasn’t my first time in Australia, but I do have the kind of wonderstruck-like crush on Australia that I had when I was like nine or 10 years old and doing school reports on it. I’ve always had a love for it. [In the film] Cora is met with fond memories and a bit of nostalgia and that kind of forms a lot of her trip there. 

    TG: What are some of the phrases or words that were lost in translation while you were over here? 

    Debby: Shortening things and adding o's to the end of words. It took a moment for me to be like “oh this is what they mean.” That and saying things like,  “How’d you hurt yourself you goose!” It was really funny.

    TG: Who was your on-set BFF and why?

    Debby:  I love Genevieve Hegney so much (Aunt Margot)! I think every single day I got to know someone a little bit differently.  The whole crew would just like hang out and wander. It was like a little family. We all went to Kiama and built this tiny village and we just like hung out and recovered at night. It was so much fun!


    Rip Tide hits cinemas September 14!

    That's all from me this week, TGs. Be safe and have a great weekend :)


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  • New Music From Taylor Swift

    by TG's Aaron | Aug 25, 2017
    OK! Opinion time, TGs. I want to see that comment section light up!

    What are your thoughts on the new Tay Tay song 'Look What You Made Me Do'?

    I'm in two minds at the moment. A few more listens is bound to help me come to a conclusion. The song is a bit different from Taylor's previous tracks, the opening to the song is quite minimal, relying on a stripped back beat and vocals. The chorus isn't as catchy as her earlier stuff, but I wonder if – like I mentioned earlier – it may take a few more listens to really sink in.

    So, my TG friends, what do you think about the new track? Is it your fave Taylor song yet? Not a fan? Lend me your thoughts in the comments below!

    Her highly anticipated sixth album Reputation is out November 10.


  • P!NK Reveals New Album!

    by TG's Aaron | Aug 18, 2017

    Can you believe it? We can't.

    When we first heard the news, there was a moment of confusion here at TG HQ – we weren't sure if our eyes and ears were deceiving us. Now we've calmed down and had time to digest this INCREDIBLE news, let's get down down to biz.

    It's been a long seven years since the pop queen's last album, 2012's The Truth About Love. In our opinion, that's waaay too long. So you can understand our delight and excitement when P!nk dropped the release date and track list for Beautiful Trauma.

    The forthcoming album's first single, What About Us – a piano-laden banger – is proof that P!NK is back, better than ever. The singer has revealed, "I'm certifiably, insanely proud of this album. It's been a while, and I'm grateful for all the years we've had. Looking forward to the next chapter with you." If P!NK's comments and the strength of first single are anything to go by, we have a feeling this is going to be one huge return to form.


    Beautiful Trauma is out October 13

    01 Beautiful Trauma

    02 Revenge

    03 Whatever You Want

    04 What About Us

    05 But We Lost It

    06 Barbies

    07 Where We Go

    08 For Now

    09 Secrets

    10 Better Life

    11 I Am Here

    12 Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

    13 You Get My Love

    I know for certain we have plenty of TG P!NK fandom, so, what's your all time fave P!NK song? How does the new single compare to it? Let me know in the comments below.

    Have a great weekend, TGs!

    Aaron :)

  • REVIEW: Alice-Miranda in Hollywood

    by TG's Aaron | Aug 14, 2017
    Happy Monday TGs!

    I hope this blog post finds you totes chill :)

    We're going to change things up slightly today and talk about a rad read that we're digging here at TG HQAlice-Miranda in Hollywood, the latest in the series. So, just a heads up for both regular readers and Alice-Miranda fans: the following is defs going to interest you.


    Anyone who's read previous books in the series knows, Alice-Miranda is an adventurous young girl with wit and humour well beyond her years. In her latest adventure, Alice-Miranda and her besties set off to Hollywood, taking part in a new movie. Behind the scenes of this “western with a twist” things are not as glamorous as they seem. On set, tensions are high. Combine that with some strange occurrences, and you got a whole lot of drama – it’s up to Alice-Miranda to find the source of the trouble. Could this be the cause of a curse, or the plot of someone wanting to destroy the film before it’s finished? One thing is for sure – if anyone is going to get to the bottom of it, it’s Alice-Miranda.

    Another great book from author Jacqueline Harvey. It will keep you guessing as the mystery unfolds and have you so wrapped up in the story, you will read it cover to close with ease. Get your hands on a copy when you can!

    Hey Alice-Miranda fans, what's your fave book in the series so far and why? Let me know in the comments below :)

    I hope you enjoyed the review, TGs! See ya soon,

    Aaron :)
  • SLIME CUP Finale Premieres TODAY!

    by TG's Aaron | Aug 04, 2017

    I can't believe it's almost here. The season finale of Nickelodeon's SLIME CUP kicks off at 5:30pm today! It's been a while ride so far, who's been your fave team? Who do you hope will win? Let me know in the comments below :)

    In other news, how cool is this? Jack Griffo (Max) and Kira Kosarin (Phoebe) from The Thundermans sent us a little video. Spoiler: they are defs TG fans. I mean, who isn't really. LOL!

    Have a great weekend, TGs!

    Aaron :)
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  • Descendants 2 red carpet in LA

    by TG's Claire | Jul 28, 2017
    Hey TGs!

    It's Claire here, doing a guest spot on Aaron's blog! It's kind of like when musos do a feat. on each other's albums. Kind of. 

    Anyway, I wanted to share this spesh Descendants 2 video from the premiere in LA. All your faves are there, so check it out. It's hosted by Joel Maguire from Hanging With. Get amongst!

    Have fun and don't forget to tune into Descendants 2 at 6.30pm tonight (28 July) on Disney Channel. 

    Leave us a comment below to tell us what you think once you've seen it!

    xo Claire

  • Ed Sheeran More Tix Announced!

    by TG's Aaron | Jul 12, 2017
    Hey TGs!

    Melbourne Ed Sheeran fans who missed out on tickets to his 2018 tour rejoice! An extra 12,000 extra tickets across four Melbourne dates will go on sale Monday July 17 at 11am. Yaaasss! This is great news for Aussie fans, especially since all other dates are sold out!


    Fri 09 Mar | Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, VIC NEW TICKETS!
    On sale: Monday 17 July 11am AEST

    Sat 10 Mar | Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, VIC NEW TICKETS!
    On sale: Monday 17 July 11am AEST

    Sun 11 Mar | Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, VIC NEW TICKETS!
    On sale: Monday 17 July 11am AEST

    Mon 12 Mar | Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, VIC NEW TICKETS!
    On sale: Monday 17 July 11am AEST

    Make sure you put the date in your diaries, TGs and best of luck!

    See ya :)