July Mystery Guest Blusher

Selena Gomez July

It's Selena Gomez!

Sel says, "I was recording a live show, and I was wearing really high heels and just after walking down the stairs and saying hi to my fans, I fell! It was pretty bad."

Have you had a totes embarrassing moment recently? Let us know!

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June Mystery Guest Blusher!

Rebel Wilson June Embarrassing Moments


It's Rebel Wilson!

Rebel says, "The first time I visited America, I was set up on a lunch with a famous Hollywood star. When I sat down on the chair my leather jacket snagged on the chair and ripped! I tried to hide it and continue the lunch because I didn't want to ruin it!"

Have you had a totes embarrassing moment recently? Let us know!

Plus, vote for your fave embarrassing moment in this month's June Embarrassing Moments!

You can read LOADS more embarrassing moments in the June issue of TG!

It was our class picture day and so I thought I should put powder on my face. I went to the ladies bathroom but we don't have a mirror and I didn't realise that I had put so much on my face that I looked like a GHOST! OMTG!
I was running in a game we were playing for sport. I was so happy I thought I was going to beat everyone then all of a sudden I tripped on my OWN shoelace and fell flat on my face and everyone laughed!

I was at school and my super close BFF was sitting next to me when I called my teacher 'mum' and everyone laughed! 

One day at school, two of my besties covered my school book with the name of the boy I like, written like a hundred times.

Everyone in my class saw, and a really annoying person in my class told the boy and now at lunch time he always looks at me weirdly!
I had been counting down until the end of school, which my friend told me was Friday. All day Thursday I was so excited, telling everyone,

"I can't wait until tomorrow, last day of school!"

The next morning I turned up at school, super early as usual and sat by myself while I waited for my friends to arrive. Next minute, a teacher walked around the corner and said,

"Brooke! What are you doing here? It's the holidays!"

I was so embarrassed; they had to call my parents to pick me up.
One day when I was walking home from my friend's house, a bee stung me on my bottom! I ran home as fast as I could, but because all the houses on my street look the same, I accidentally ran into the wrong one.

To make it worse, it was my crush's house!
I'm pretty shy, so when my school held a dance concert I wasn't looking forward to it. 

On the night, my friend Tsania and I somehow missed the start of our dance, so joined in doing random dance moves.

My teacher saw me and shouted, "Whooo! Go Azza!"

OMTG it was sooo embarrassing!
I went to the movie with my friend to see Despicable Me 2, and during the previews, the One Direction movie came on.

My friend and I screamed, and because I'm a huge Directioner, I yelled, "carrots!"

Next, someone complained about us and we were asked to leave the cinema!!!
When we had photo day at school I thought it was a practice. I pulled a really wacky face and left. When we got the photos back I realised that it was my actual school photo!
My teacher asked me to turn off the classroom lights so that we could watch a video. When I stood up I accidentally tripped over my backpack and fell so hard my face hit the floor!

I was so embarrassed I went bright red, and even after I turned the light off a boy in the class said he could see my cheeks glowing in the dark!
One day at school we were all playing football. I told everyone I was a really good player, then did a run up to kick the ball, slipped and slid across the dirt!

Everybody laughed and my face went bright red!
During half time of one of my soccer matches, I got bored. I decided to practising dribbling with the ball, but I forgot to pay attention and tripped over, right into the mud!
When I was in kindergarten we had a school excursion to Taronga Zoo. It was so fun! When we got to the zebra enclosure, we all decided to get a photo.

Right before they took the photo, a bird did a HUGE poop on my head!

The photo is STILL up in the library to this day where everyone can see it. So embarro!
My friends and I had scored the comfy seats in the library. I had to get up to find a book, and when I came back, a boy who looked exactly like my brother was sitting in my seat!

I went up and yelled at him to get out, but when he turned around, I realised it wasn't my bro, it was a random boy who I didn't know!

It was totally embarrassing!!!
My parents decided to buy a piano to help with my music lessons, so we went to the music store. I saw some really cool bongos on a high shelf and tried to reach them, but instead the shelf collapsed, I fell back on my rear end and there was this huge 'BANG' as it landed! The shop owner and another older lady looked so mad!

So totally embarrassing!
One day I was sitting with a group of people when the girl next to me farted. It was a really bad one, and to make it worse, she blamed it on me!

Everyone started chanting, "Aislinn did an egg fart."

I was at a friend's birthday party and we were having lunch. I asked my friend's mum to pass the ketchup and she said that she would put the ketchup on my plate. I was just handing my plate to her when the sauce came spraying out the bottle all over my top. It turns out she accidentally squirted to early!

Everyone was laughing so hard! 
Once I was at a restaurant with a group of my friends. There was an outside area where we could play. I was doing cartwheels when I lost control and cartwheeled into a waitress who was carrying a tray of lentils and tuna. The food went everywhere!

I started screaming and everyone saw. So embarrassing!
A few years ago I started at a new school. On my first day they had an assembly where you went up on stage to receive a 'Welcome To Your New School' certificate. When I walked up on stage, I tripped over the microphone, fell over, and it fell on top of me too!

I was SO embarrassed, the teachers had to help me up while the head boy and girl fixed the microphone!
This one time in class I needed to cough, only to try to keep it quiet I didn't open my lips. The sound that came out was like a horse whinnying!

We were all quietly doing maths, so the WHOLE class heard the noise and cracked up!
I was practicing karate skills at school when I accidentally kicked a wall and twisted my toe.

I ran outside the classroom leaping up and down in pain, when a boy saw me and my sore leg and told the whole class.

Everyone kept asking me what was wrong and why I had been leaping around!
When we were at the supermarket, Mum let me have a chocolate egg as a treat. I was so excited I started spinning around, but lost my balance and fell over, cracking the egg!

I was walking my dog down a busy street when the dog lurched against the lead, pulling me over into a puddle of mud!

 When I stood up it looked like I had pooped my pants - plus it happened right in front of a crowded restaurant! Everyone inside was laughing at me!
We were all at my Grandma and Grandpa's house for a Christmas party. I went to join my whole family outside and walked straight into a glass door!

My WHOLE family heard and looked up - I ran and locked myself in the bathroom because I was so embarrassed, and I could hear them all laughing from there!
The first time I went ice-skating, I kept falling over everywhere! By the time we finished, my bottom was completely wet from landing on the ice.

Instead of just going home, we had to go to the shops afterwards and everyone kept looking at my wet rear end!

OMTG so embarrassing!
On my birthday I went to dinner with my family, wearing my brand new white jeans. When our dinner arrived, my brother accidentally bumped the table, spilling my pasta all over my jeans!

It was so embarrassing, but so funny at the same time!
I was at a restaurant with some friends and my crush. I was chewing bubble gum, and I thought it would look cool if I blew a huge bubble.

Unfortunately I blew too hard and spat the wad of bubble gum out of my mouth and right into my crush's lap!

OMTG so embarrassing!
My most embarrassing moment was at pony camp last year.

I was riding my horse Popcorn when he jumped and I fell off, into a pile of horse poo!

OMTG it was so embarrassing!
On our way home from a school excursion, we stopped at a roadside cafe to use the toilet and have a cup of tea.

Walking back to the bus, we passed a group of giggling girls, who called one of my friends over.

When my friend returned, she said that they had said, "can you please let your friend know she has toilet paper coming out of her pants."

OMTG I had walked through the whole restaurant with it there!
After netball my BFF and I decided to see a movie together. On the way, she slipped and fell into a huge puddle.

I couldn't help myself - while I was helping her out I started laughing. While I was laughing though, I tripped and fell in too!

For two weeks after people laughed at me because I fell in too!
After a school performance we all went to the bathrooms to get changed. There were no free cubicles, so I ducked into one with my BFF.

Unfortunately, as she was changing she bumped me, and I dropped one of my shoes in the toilet!

For the rest of the day, everyone kept asking me why I was only wearing one shoe!
I was at my cousin's house for Christmas. My parents had said I could bring someone, so I asked my crush.

The kids were all chilling out watching TV, when my Dad busted in and started singing and dancing! Worse still, he accidentally hit and broke a light with his hand, and then started singing,

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

I was so embarrassed that I ran out of the house.
During class, I dropped my pen on the ground. When I reached down to pick it up, my skirt split.

I had to stay seated until the end of the class and until everyone had left, before I could run to lost property and borrow another skirt!
When I had just started doing competitive swimming, they let me race at a contest, even though I wasn't really ready.

When it was my turn to swim, I looked around and thought that I was winning - except they had actually started the race after mine because I was too slow to finish! I came last!

So embarro.
At our year 4 school disco we had a girl vs boy dance off. I went up to dance, started dancing, then fell right on my rear end!

Everyone started laughing; even my crush saw! So embarrassing!

I was on holiday in New York (!!) when the two people dressed up as the Cookie Monster and Elmo came up to me and my cousin. We had photos with them of course, and afterwards they offered us a jar of money.

I thought it was for us to take money from, but actually it was for us to give them money! The whole misunderstanding happened in front of my whole family and heaps of strangers!
I brought my grandmother along to Grandparent's Day at my school. She looked at my work and stuff, and then I took her to the playground while I ran in to use the bathroom. 

When I came back, she was sniffing trees! It was so embarrassing, plus my crush was watching her with a confused expression on his face!
For my 7th birthday, I sent out invitations to my friends for my birthday party. Without telling me, Mum wrote on all the invitation for the guests to come dressed up as pirates or princesses.

When everyone arrived, I was in shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt, and all the guys were dressed as pirates and the girls in long dresses! It was so embarrassing!
When I was 8, I was at the shops and totally busting for the toilet. My big sister took me, and afterwards we walked through the shops to the car.

Everyone was looking at me and laughing, but I couldn't work out why. When we got back to the car I asked my sister and she told me it was because I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe!

So embarrassing.
My best friend and I were at the shops looking at magazines, standing next to another girl that we didn't know. We're both OBSESSED with 1D, so when I saw a One Direction magazine I turned and tapped my 'bestie' on the shoulder, saying,


Only to realise that it wasn't my bestie, it was the other girl in the shop! It was so embarrassing!
One day on holidays I sat down on a concrete step. When I stood up, there was a ripping noise and I realised I'd ripped my shorts on a nail!

So embarrassing!
I was at the supermarket with my Mum, when I wandered off and then couldn't find her. I finally saw someone who I thought was my Mum, so I ran up behind her, grabbing things off the shelf that I needed.

When I got close, I dropped the items in the trolley, but as I put the last thing in, I looked up and realised it WASN'T MY MUM! The lady gave me a weird look.

My actual Mum was nearby so I ran up to her, going bright red!
My family were all gathered in the living room when I decided to show Mum some dance moves I had been working on. Everyone was watching a movie when I kicked my legs up in the air and let out a HUGE fart.

I never fart in front of anyone, so I was SO embarrassed!
I was sitting outside chatting to my crush. He said something really funny and I burst out laughing - and SNOT came out my nose!

Totally embarrassing and gross!
After singing the national anthem on stage, my class were told to go and sit down. I went back to my seat, but as I was sitting down my pants ripped, in front of everyone!
I was at the pool, but fully dressed and ready to go home when a kid raced past me and pushed me into the water! I was so surprised, a lifeguard had to jump in and rescue me!
Once my Dad and I went to the video rental store to return a stack of DVDs. A lady was returning a whole pile of DVDs at the counter, and thinking it was my Dad, I said,

"Wait! Let me see them first!" And I looked through them all!

Only when I got to the end did I realise that it wasn't my Dad! I was so embarrassed!
One time, I was at a concert. We'd been waiting for ages for it to start, and so when someone came out onto the stage I thought it was the performer and started screaming and clapping!

Unfortunately, it was just someone coming out to say that the performer was going to be late!
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