I was sitting outside chatting to my crush. He said something really funny and I burst out laughing - and SNOT came out my nose!

Totally embarrassing and gross!
After singing the national anthem on stage, my class were told to go and sit down. I went back to my seat, but as I was sitting down my pants ripped, in front of everyone!
I was at the pool, but fully dressed and ready to go home when a kid raced past me and pushed me into the water! I was so surprised, a lifeguard had to jump in and rescue me!
Once my Dad and I went to the video rental store to return a stack of DVDs. A lady was returning a whole pile of DVDs at the counter, and thinking it was my Dad, I said,

"Wait! Let me see them first!" And I looked through them all!

Only when I got to the end did I realise that it wasn't my Dad! I was so embarrassed!
One time, I was at a concert. We'd been waiting for ages for it to start, and so when someone came out onto the stage I thought it was the performer and started screaming and clapping!

Unfortunately, it was just someone coming out to say that the performer was going to be late!
We had a singing event at school where 3 of our year 7 classes were doing a 37 second song. In the middle of the song, my friend turned to me and said that everyone could ONLY hear me singing! 

Well, this didn't happen to me, but during assembly when we were getting our awards from the principal, this girl from my school went up to get her award and let out this HUGE fart! 

As soon as assembly was finished, she ran straight to her mum crying! Everyone was laughing, but I kinda felt sad for her because I would have cried too!
I was at my friend's house. She has a part of her backyard with monkey bars (they're not actually monkey bars, but that's how we use them) near a blow up pool. I was playing around on the monkey bars when I slipped and landed in the pool!

It was FREEZING, her mum had to lend me some clothes and I was totally humiliated!
Once I was at a friend's house, playing tip in her backyard. I was running away, when 'SMACK'! I ran straight into her door!

My nose started bleeding, I burst into tears, and had to go home!
After a doctor's appointment I walked over to the door and pushed to open it. The door wouldn't budge, so I kept pushing and pushing it. I couldn't work out why it wouldn't open, until I realised the door said, 'Pull', not 'Push'!

All the people in the waiting room were laughing at me!
I was really struggling during a super tough school test. Finally, I got a to a question where I knew the answer, and without thinking, screamed out,

"I know this one," Into the totally silent exam room!

Everyone stared at me and laughed!
I was hanging out at home with my pyjamas on. I knew my little sister's friend was coming over, but I couldn't have been bothered changing. 

I totally regretted that decision when her friend arrived though, because she brought her older brother AND his friend over too! OMTG!
My family went out to a seafood restaurant the night after I had been surfing all day and was really sun burnt.

I was standing with my mum when a father and daughter walked past. The dad said, "See honey? That's what a lobster looks like."

Horrified, I turned to Mum and asked, "Was he talking about me?"

Mum replied, "No, there's an actual lobster behind you!"

How embarro!
I was carrying my clothes in a bag when our class walked to swimming lessons. I didn't realise that halfway there, my undies fell out of my bag, onto the ground! 

One of the teachers held them up in the air and said, "Whose are these?"

I had to go up in front of everyone and get them!
We had an assembly at school where the principal announced that there would be a gold coin donation the next day.

I misheard and thought that meant that it was a mufti day too, so the next day my sister and I turned up in our own casual clothes! So embarrassing!
My brother's friend Zeke came over, and to be funny I kept calling him 'Geek'!

It was funny until he retaliated and called me 'Gassy' instead of Cassie!
Once when I was in kindergarten I put a coin in my mouth, then accidentally swallowed it! They rushed me to the doctor, who called me a 'piggy bank'!

OMTG Total Girl, I was called 'piggy bank' for weeks!
My OMTG moment was at school, during assembly.

A girl who has the same name as me won an award, and when they called her to come up on stage, I thought it was me!

I got the whole way up onto the stage before the other Kelsie came up and told me that she had won the award, not me!
I was at a restaurant and realised I needed to fart really badly.

Luckily the music was really loud, so I decided to risk it. Only after I had farted, I realised that I was listening to my iPod! OMTG!
In year four sports class, we had to run five laps around the oval then come over and sit down on the cricket pitch.

I did all five laps, but when I went to sit down, my pants split! SO embarrassing!
One of the events at our school's athletics week is the high jump. It's super competitive, so when it was my turn I ran really hard. Unfortunately, when I tried to jump over the bar I missed and hit it, and it flew off and hit my teacher in the face and BROKE her nose!

She had to be rushed to hospital!
I went to the toilet with my friend during recess, washed my hands can ran back out to the playground. After a while I noticed that everyone was looking and laughing at me.

I couldn't figure out why, until one of my friends came over and told me it was because my dress was tucked in at the back, and everyone could see my mini-shorts!
I was at the shopping centre with my friend and her Mum. We were in a big department store when I saw the Katy Perry perfume. I LOVE the Katy Perry perfume, so I went over and decided to use some of the tester perfume. 

Unfortunately I didn't think to aim the spray nozzle, and instead of spritzing my wrist, I sprayed the perfume directly into my eye!

I started screaming like a maniac (it really stung!) and a shop assistant had to take me to the first aid area!
I can't believe this actually happened, but the other day I forgot to take my pajama bottoms off and went to school with them under my shorts! Worse still, we had swimming, so everyone saw and laughed!
One time during assembly the teachers called for a minute of silence. Just when there was absolutely no noise, I farted!
The day we came back from school camp the teachers gathered around to hand out all the lost property they'd collected. One item was fairy undies, and as they held them up, I realised they were mine!

Everyone was laughing and I was mega embarrassed!
Last year at school camp I was eating a hotdog. I put tomato sauce on it but instead of going on the hotdog, the squeeze bottle exploded all over me! That's not all, next thing I knew I tripped over! 

I was at a friend's house and running to go outside. They have glass doors that are crystal clear, and as I turned to say something to my friend her mum shut the doors. Next thing I knew, I had smashed straight into them!
On the first day at school, one of my friends got a really mean teacher. We were talking about her and I was agreeing that she's really mean when I realised that the teacher was standing right behind me, and I'm sure heard everything.

Totally embarrassing!
I was at the local pool for swimming lessons when I spotted my bestie nearby. I ran up to her and playfully pushed her in the pool, but she turned around and SCREAMED! I had forgotten my bestie was a twin, and this was her!

OMTG it was so embarrassing, and now the twins play tricks on me all the time!
Once I was in a cafe with my Mum, and I was swapping the salt and pepper from one shaker to the other. The waitress saw and came up and said,

"Can you please not do that?"

I stood up to say sorry, but instead accidentally swept the open salt and pepper off the table and all over the waitress! It was SO embarrassing, she yelled at me to leave and we were banned from the cafe forever!
We had a pajama dress-up day at school and I decided to wear a onesie. I was chatting to some of the people in my class when one of the boys' little brothers ran up and yanked my tail... and it ripped a hole in my onesie!

Luckily I was wearing leggings underneath, but everyone was still laughing at me!
I was playing violin in a competition and had a few bars' rest before I had to play again. My sister, who was sitting right behind the judges, chose that moment to pull a funny face at me and without thinking, I poked my tongue out right back at her... and the judges sitting in front of her!

I was at the movies with my friend and bought a big tub of popcorn. I was walking through the cinema and talking to my friend when I tripped and fell, spraying popcorn everywhere! It went all over everyone!

So embarrassing.
I was at the pool, but fully dressed and ready to go home when a kid raced past me and pushed me into the water! I was so surprised, a lifeguard had to jump in and rescue me.

It was sooo embarrassing, the whole pool was watching!
After Reception, I was at the head of the line walking back to class. Because I was right at the front, EVERYONE saw when I walked straight into a big glass door!

We were watching my fave movie in class, so I started singing along - only to realise too late that I was singing the wrong song! Oops!
My bestie Nieve and I were at the park riding our bikes. We spotted our crushes, so decided to ride past them super fast.

Just as we were passing them Nieve distracted me, and I fell off my bike! The bike crashed down on top of me and I broke my arm! It was in a hard cast for three weeks.

I did the wrong thing in class, and my teacher got really angry and ripped a page out of my exercise book. 

As she was walking away I whispered to my friend that the teacher was a gorilla - but the teacher heard! She got waaay angrier than before and the whole class just sat there staring at me!
We have a talent competition at school that's kind of a big deal. I decided to play the piano, and rehearsed my song until I knew it properly.

On the day of the comp I was so scared that halfway through the performance I completely forgot how the song went and stopped in front of the whole school!
One day in year five we were having a competition to see who could swing the highest on the monkey bars, so I decided  to have a go.

I was swinging really high when all of a sudden I slipped, let go and face-planted into the sand! All of my friends were watching!
I was standing near the school canteen putting tomato sauce on my hotdog when my crush came up behind me and decided to scare me. 

I got such a fright that I sprayed tomato sauce all over him! He still laughs about it!
I went to a Disney magic show one day with my family, and on our way back to the car my Nan's knickers fell down! 

My sister walked away and left me with my Nan while she tried to pull them up before anyone saw!
I was at a picnic with my friend and was busting to go to the bathroom. The loos at the picnic spot had automatic opening/closing doors which was fine when I went in, but then they opened wide while I was only half way through my business!

My friend saw me on the toilet!
My most embarrassing moment was at Chinese school. I had arrived with Mum, but she dashed up the stairs to check which class I was supposed to be in. 

I didn't notice that she had rushed off, so I walked up to a person that I thought was Mum and hugged her arm. It turns out it wasn't Mum I was hugging, but a completely random BOY that I thought was my mum! I was so embarrassed!
My friend had a party and invited the whole class. I don't know why, but I thought it was a costume party - but when I turned up it was actually just a beach party!

OMG it was so totally embarrassing!
I had a pretty bad cold one day, but went to school anyway. During the class quiz, I got the giggles and was laughing and laughing with my friends... until a bubble of snot came out of my nose!

Everyone saw, and laughed even harder!
I was asked to go up on stage during Assembly because I had memorised a song on my violin. 

I played about halfway, and then completely forgot the rest of the song! Instead of starting again, I burst into tears and ran off stage. OMTG!
When I was in grade six, I was chatting to my friends down at the back of the school. I started to lean back on the fence behind me but too late I realised that the fence wasn't close enough; I fell into the mud!

OMTG I was so embarrassed, my friends couldn't stop laughing at me and I had to go to the office to borrow new pants!
The morning after a sleepover at my friend's house, I was bending over to get my clothes from my bag when suddenly I farted.

My friend asked what the noise was, so I blamed it on the zip of my sleeping bag, but she didn't believe me and went to school and told everyone! Sooo embarrassing!
Total Girl's fix for mortifying moments!