Cooking Fun!

by Jessie | Aug 19, 2015

Hey TGs!

OMG GUYS today was so good and filled with delicious food!!

So yesterday Mum told me that when I got home from school and finished all my homework she’d teach me how to bake! So I raced home from school and did all my homework coz I was so excited.


Anyway when Mum got home from work she kept her promise and we made BROWNIES! Have you ever had a Brownie? It’s like a delicious, gooey, chocolatey little square of cake! WOW just thinking about it is making me hungry! I’m going to go eat one as soon as I finish talking to you guys! Hopefully Holly didn’t eat them all!


Ok so the one that Mum showed me how to make only had 6 ingredients in it and we already had them all in the fridge! Which was awesome coz then we didn’t need to go ALL the way to the supermarket. We used butter, cocoa, brown sugar, eggs, flour and chocolate chips.


Holly came home from school and she helped Mum do lots of the things that are a bit tricky for me – like using the oven and the microwave. It was fun to hang out just us girls!


Anyway Mum turned the oven on for us and we covered the tin in paper to stop it getting stuck, it’s weird that this special paper makes it not stick, but so cool. We melted all the butter and cocoa in the microwave and then I added the brown sugar and I mixed it together. Then when I’d stirred it all up really good we added the eggs and flour and at the very end added the chocolate chips! We had to be really good and not eat them all before we mixed it together. It was SO HARD NOT TO EAT THEM! I just love chocolate a lot guys!


Holly put it in the oven and we put the timer on for 40 minutes! The best part was Holly let me lick the spoon and bowl all by myself – SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE!


I had such a nice time with my Mum and sister and then at the end we got to eat brownies before dinnertime. Mum said it was a special treat.


What’s your favourite thing to eat? Do you know how to cook it? 


  1. 22 Isabella 23 Aug
    Hi Jessie I am one of your biggest fans and I also love tennis
  2. 21 Lyss 25 Aug
    i love ice cream and I also love you
  3. 20 Nicole 26 Aug
    Hi Jessie I love cake so much and yes I know how make it.P.S love your blog.
  4. 19 Sara 28 Aug
    Omg, Jessie, I can see Cotton's tempted to eat it too.....!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 18 emily 02 Sep
    i love chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream
  6. 17 Hunny 03 Sep
    I like to make my very own Strawberry Jelly Slice yummy  
  7. 16 emilia 04 Sep
    hi jessie how are you going from emilia
  8. 15 millie 04 Sep
    hi jessie good job on making the chocolate brownies from millie 
  9. 14 millie 04 Sep
    hi jessie good job on making the chocolate brownies from millie 
  10. 13 emilia 04 Sep
    hi jessie how are you going from emilia
  11. 12 Tilly 08 Sep
    mine are pancakes and I can cook them without using any flour. they taste so good from Tilly 
  12. 11 Eda 23 Sep
    my fave is cupcakes with lemon meringue icing 
  13. 10 Madeleine 24 Sep
    I am just starting to read these. It sounds so yum!
  14. 9 Olivia 27 Sep
    Hi Jessie,My fave is cupcakes with chocolate cupcakes and chocolate icing!
    I have had Brownies before but not for a long time!
  15. 8 Yara 06 Oct
    Hey Jessie! My fave is Creme Brulee which literally translates to burnt cream. Whats special about it is a clear layer of delicious golden sugar on top! It isn't very easy to make though!
  16. 7 caydie 14 Oct
    I love crème brulee it is really easy to make all my family adores when I make it its like my signature dish its yummo (not to brag or anything)
  17. 6 Aaliyah 08 Nov
    I love pizza and I know how to cook it too!
  18. 5 Charli 17 Nov
    I love lemon meringue pie and chic caramel slice but, sadly, I can't cook to save my life:(:(:(
  19. 4 Brook 15 Dec
    I love brownies and my mum taught me to bake as well!
  20. 3 Soul Surfer 13 Jan
    I really like Avocado/Tuna sushi rolls,triple chocolate cookies,and cupcakes.My mum taught me how to bake in 2014! :):):)


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