Maths and Mums!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey TGs!
If any of you have the latest Total Girl mag, you'll know all my fave things about my mum! On Sunday my sister and I woke up sooo early and cooked a baked breakfast that I found on this website ages ago.

We carried it up to Mum on a tray with some flowers from our garden, a napkin and a knife and fork. It didn't look as nice as the pictures, but she was really pleased! Dad wasn't though - he was annoyed that we woke him up early, LOL. Sorry Dad!

Mum, if you're reading this, thanks so much for being so wonderful! You always listen to my problems, all my besties love you and your pancakes are seriously the best thing in the world!

Mum and I in London, England!

School is going well, except... well can I tell you guys something? We're doing a new maths topic at the moment and it's really hard. 

When I try and do my homework after school, it takes me ages to work out how to get the answers. I feel like everyone else understands straight away. :-(

Do you guys have any advice? You always seem to know what to say!

Jessie xx


  1. 13 Sarah 15 Jun
    The problem for me is i love maths and in maths we play on the ipads it is awasome i love it my maths teacher is mrs buttler
  2. 12 Collette 22 Jun
    Hi, I totally understand what you're talking about. Most days I come home and I still struggle with my maths homework, its really hard!!!! I get frustrated but when you do, you should have a break and if you need help with your maths, the best thing to do is ask your parents!
  3. 11 simone 25 Jun
    hey jess i love maths too and mrs buttler haha what a name!
  4. 10 Emma 26 Jun
    Hi Jessie, I sometimes struggle with Maths. The best thing would be to ask about it. It at least get you somewhere and helps you learn. When you learn you can teach it! :)
  5. 9 Charlize 27 Jun
    Hey Jess I know exactly what you mean and how embarrassing  my mum is getting me a tutor for it!!
  6. 8 Maha 03 Jul
    Hey Jess!
    If your struggling with maths homework, you should just ask for some help. Maybe stay behind after a maths lesson and ask the teacher for help. I am sure she wouldn't mind explaining it to you.(after all she is a teacher and it is her job to help you) I've  done it before (not with maths but it does not matter what subject it is) and it usually makes a lot more sense when the teacher explains it individually.
  7. 7 Olivia 04 Jul
    Hey Jessie, dont worry I am the ABSOUTE worst at maths it like confuses me sooo much!!
  8. 6 Cassie 04 Jul
    Hey Jess!!
    I HATE maths too! By far the WORST in the fun category.
    I just say to myself " Guess I'll do a new sort of theory  soon! " You should try my (weird ) idea!!
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 5 Lara 06 Jul
    Hey Jessie, that has happend to me before but all I can say is that you ask your parents or friends to help you out and believe me everyone has trouble with something, and everyone isn't all perfect at Maths,
  10. 4 emily 07 Jul
    Hi Jessie's space it's me, em I just want say was it mothers day when you and your sister woke up very early and made breakfast for your mum?

  11. 3 Helene 16 Jul
    Some time I have some trouble with my maths to but it alway's end up very good.
  12. 2 olivia 18 Jul
    dont worry jessie the same thing happened to me. After class speak to your teacher privately about this. she will help you and explain it to you. good luck
  13. 1 nitya 09 Aug
    dont worry Jessie just study a bit harder and you mum and dad will toally allow you to kick back and rest for the weekend and because of all that studying you can do a manicure pedicure if you getting stressed
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