by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Sooo long school! At least for a couple of weeks!

OMTG this week has been SO long - I swear every day has had 48 hours instead of 24! 

Last night I was so excited that today was the last day that I barely slept! I finally got up super early, played with Cotton for a while and then made little Easter egg bags for everyone in my class, with an individual name tag and everything.

All day we were exchanging Easter eggs, and Mr James brought in Hot Cross Buns for morning tea! I think he's actually beginning to like us!

At lunch, Cass, Dora, Angie and I were running around like maniacs (um, maybe too much chocolate, LOL), but then this afternoon I suddenly got super sad that I wasn't going to see everyone for like a fortnight and accidentally burst into tears! Everyone was sooo nice though and crowded around to give me a hug.

When the bell finally rang, we burst out of class and ran to the bus stop. My sister and I walked through the front door dropping our hats, bags and shoes in a trail down the hallway to our bedrooms where we've been hanging out ever since!

Holly even gave me an amazing polka-dot manicure that she saw on Claire's blog (though I've already messed up two nails, whoops).

I can't wait for two more weeks of this!

Happy holidays guys!
Jessie xx


  1. 17 Karlia 12 Apr
    Every 2 years on Easter I usually break a bone, like on Easter last year I sprained my right arm and 2 years before that I fractured my left ancle by jumping on the trampoline with a ball on it. 
    Happy Easter everyone!! xoxo. 
  2. 16 Azalia 12 Apr
    Awesome, wish I got one
  3. 15 Emma 13 Apr
    I think my school holidays are going to be awesome! If you want to know why, its because I'm going to Queensland for 3 weeks and I'm going to leave tomorrow and I will also miss 2 weeks of school! It is so exciting!!
    Sincerly Emma xx
  4. 14 Sophia 14 Apr
    My school holidays are going to be amazing! I can't wait in till i get to go on an Easter Egg Hunt! Happy Easter TG! xoxo
  5. 13 Stephanie 14 Apr

    Happy Easter Jessie! Hope You Have Fun!


  6. 12 Fleur 14 Apr
    Happy Easter Jessis
  7. 11 Abigail 15 Apr

    Hi I LOVE You JESSIE!!!!!!


  8. 10 Aoife 15 Apr
    Easter is EPIC!...... We're going camping into the bush on Friday the 18th........ But we're going with one of my besties! We get our own tent to our selfs but there next to each other! 

     my friend  if your reading Tyler....... You went to thiland! You had an epic time!

    Oh and THX for letting me write on this blog!
  9. 9 Fiona 15 Apr
    Really lucky 
  10. 8 Brooke 15 Apr
    Well hope that you have fun at Easter
    PS I like your blogs that you put in the TG mags
  11. 7 Rosie 15 Apr
    OMTG I totally agree with all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hols cause you can chill stay up super late and read all of your issues of TG!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 6 Aoife 16 Apr
    Dear Jessie, hope your Easter totes rox! And hi to all the crew!
  13. 5 Savannah 16 Apr
    OMTG Jessie I totes agree with you.
  14. 4 Jessi 17 Apr
    My school holidays r ending and, luv ur name! WOOHOO!
  15. 3 Jessi 21 Apr
    My holidays r ending tomorrow now! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  16. 2 Francesca 07 Sep
    Hi Jessi, i LOVE reading your blog, your totes AWESOME and sorry about your holiday problem :( :( :( :(
  17. 1 Francesca 23 Sep
    hi Jessie , keep up the good work


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