Winter Term!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi TGs!
I can't believe that school has started again. I'm meant to be doing a pile of homework, but instead I'm writing to you girls! I wish school projects were as fun as blogging.

Jessie saw her Besties in the Holidays!
My CRAZY besties!

School holidays were so cool. I didn't go anywhere or anything, but I saw my besties loads and got everything done that I wanted, like my Autumn project! 

Cassie came over and we had a blast, she introduced me to Ellie Goulding and the new Justin Timberlake song - now I'm really into them too. I took photos of my walls covered in their new posters - remind me to post the pic here!

I blogged all about my mum in Total Girl magazine this month (it's the one with Selena on the cover) because Mother's Day is coming up really soon. What are you going to do for your mum?

I have to say a huge thank you to you girls, you actually did me a huge favour and probably didn't even know it! I asked TG's Alex (have you read her amaze entertainment blogs?) to put a poll up on the website to help me decide which Winter sport to choose. Most of you said gymnastics, so I'm going to give it a go! I'm not super flexible or anything, but I LOVE trying new things. Watch this space!

How were your holidays?

I read ALL of your comments, thank you sooo much!

Jessie xx


  1. 4 bella 22 Jun
     I WENT TO LA 
    do you watch the ellen degeneres show because you would seen me i had a TG top on
  2. 3 taliyah 01 Jul
     I did the same things you did with your friends but my friends showed me a different song- the way by ariana grande
  3. 2 makayla 07 Jul
    I have take my pet bird (Fisher) to the vet because she fell out of a tree . I hope she will be o.k. do you think she will be?
  4. 1 Aya 14 Jul
    HEY cool BFF she is pretty and so as u :)  
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