Winter Netball

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey guys!

I haven't blogged in ages, sorry! I hope you're all super happy and loving the autumn (actually is it winter now?) weather!

I have been dancing every Saturday for two hours for about a month now. If you've got the latest TG, I wrote about the hilarious day I met one of my now nearly besties, Jo. You have to check it out!

Anyway, I was also doing netball for school, plus gym, plus the animal shelter volunteering, plus actual school, and things were getting really hectic. Last week, Mum said I had cried three times that week, and that it was because I was over tired because I was too busy, and that I had to give up one thing.

I cried then too! I mean I know I sound like such a crier right now, I'm honestly not, but I couldn't think of a single activity that I'd be happy to lose. I LOVE my netball team, it's the same girls from last year and they're like my netty besties. I LOVE gym, I've finally started not being the worst in the class, and every time I look at Cotton, she reminds me of how much I LOVE helping at the animal shelter. Plus even though I've just started dancing, I've loved every second so far.

Mum says I have a week to decide.

What do you guys think I should do? I just can't pick one. :-(

Jess xx


  1. 22 Mylinh 05 Jun
    You are  the best!!!!
  2. 21 Milla 05 Jun
    Dear Jessie
    I like to read your blog it is inspiring!!!
    Thank you soooo much!
  3. 20 Millie 05 Jun
    Hi Jessie
    i love reading your blog, I always look forward to it.
    Thanks for inspiring me and heaps of other tweens!
  4. 19 Annie-Beth 07 Jun

    I love your blog Jessie. you are so inspirational. will you be my bff? love ya xx

    Btw my little sis Chezza loves you. lol. xx

     - Annie-Beth (With help from Chezza.LOL)

  5. 18 Celine 07 Jun
    How about you suggest to do for example dance one week and then gym the next and switch each week. That way you won't miss out completely.
  6. 17 Tasha Chapman 12 Jun
    You should leave dance for a year and also give up Netball and Gym. Focus on the Animal Shelter then do Netball the next then the next year do Dance then the next year do Gym. I did that.
  7. 16 Kazi 16 Jun
    Hi jessie your a inspiration to evrey tween out there. I'm sure most TG readers are very unhappy for needing to read other mags instead of getting info from you.
                                                                                    Your awesome
  8. 15 Coco 18 Jun
    Hi Jessie! I not sure what you should do.Its going to be really hard to decide.:(
  9. 14 Georgia 20 Jun
    Give up on gym and ask the net ball coach if you can come every second week  hope it works out .  Georgia
  10. 13 Ballerina Mina 30 Jun
    Hey Jessie! I think to never give up working at the animal shelter, and it is always good to dance, plus gym helps you exercise, and netball helps you make friends! Maybe you could tell your Mum to stop worrying and that you will be fine, but it you really need some help i would consider something like only doing dance every 2 weeks or so, so that you don't have such a crowded week
  11. 12 Alessia 02 Jul
    Hi Jessie!
    I do Netball to!
  12. 11 Alessia 02 Jul
    Hi Jessie!
    I LOVE and do netball for my school! 
    from Alessia
  13. 10 Summer 03 Jul
    Hi Jessie,
    I think you should give up gym because I did netball when I was in grade one (now I'm in grade three) , and I loved it, but its up to you.
    From Summer
  14. 9 indiana 05 Jul
    i think you should not do gym  ps i do NOT like gym
  15. 8 Lisa 12 Jul
    I love TG and I LOVE JESSIE BLOG it is awesome by the way I would chose hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm dancing cos I love ballet :)
  16. 7 Tahlia 15 Jul
    You should quit netball but still keep In Contact with your friends from netball and you can play netball at school with other friends 
  17. 6 Rose 23 Jul
    i think u should  only work at the anima shelter every second week and mabe go to bed a little earlier  ps. I love your blog and u rock
  18. 5 Tarran 02 Aug
    hi jess
    I know its hard to only do 1 I had that stage to because I had  to do 1 after school thing I could do netball gym or guitar so I asked my mum if I could do two things so I now I do netball and guitar if I were you and I could do two things I would do the animal shelter and dancing but if you have to pick one I would do the one I love to do the most so pick 5 reasons you like ech  thing and the one that's got the most reasons I would do.
  19. 4 Ashleigh 17 Aug
    OMG Jessie I love netball too!¡ I even got into the semi finals this year😝
  20. 3 Jasmin 11 Sep
    Hi Jessie personally I think you should quit the netball. You should get all of there phone numbers and then you could have a party and still be good friends out of netball! But that is probably a bad idea for you hey.


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