The Party Was SO Cool

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi guys

Okay I know I only blogged on Friday, but I just couldn't wait to tell you all about Jess' birthday. If you want to know how to have an awesome party - just read this blog!

Everyone was talking about the party at school on Friday, which is one of the cool things about inviting everyone - you can all get excited together!

On Saturday I woke up super early. I tried watching Saturday Disney for a while but I just couldn't sit still, so I took Cotton for a walk with my Dad.

By that time Mum was up and made her delish pancakes for breakky. I helped her clean-up afterwards and then got ready for the party. It was sooo warm (Spring is finally here!) that I decided to wear my yellow sundress.

I was one of the first people to arrive, so I helped Jess and her Mum decorate her birthday cake, and by the time that was done Cass and Molly were there and the party really started! 

Lucky Jess has a huge backyard, 'cos the whole class was there. There weren't any strict games or anything, but there was loads of things to do. There was a lolly buffet (we spent lots of time there, LOL) and a games area (I came second in this super funny balloon game where you have to push a balloon through a hoop with only your nose!) and picnic blankets on the ground if you just wanted to chill out.

I chatted to a girl called Maya for a while, and she was really nice. She's been in my class all year, but we've never really talked 'cos she's in a different group to me. She also has a dog and a little sister, so we had loads in common! We said that maybe we'd take our dogs to the park one day and hang out.

When Mum arrived to pick me up, I didn't want to go! 

If you're reading this, happy birthday Jess! Awesome party.

Love and birthday cake


  1. 3 Sarah 03 Sep
    Wow!Soooo cool
  2. 2 Maddi 04 Sep
    Hope you had loads of fun and Jess had a good day.. :) Also who knows when you and Maya go to walk Cotton and her dog you could end up being good friends? :)
  3. 1 sally 04 Sep
    hi jessie n other peops i really like ur blog i wish i could do something 
    like u guys ! hope u had fun n that u like walkin da dog !

    ps.ur so nice ! n ur friends
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