The Cast is Coming Off!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hey TGs,


I just got told that my cast should be coming off in two weeks! I was so happy to hear it that I almost jumped out of the chair and started dancing in excitement…until I remembered that I couldn’t! LOL

It’s such a weird feeling having this heavy thing on my leg. I’m super frustrated because it makes everything so much harder to do. And now it’s super itchy too! But I’m totes going to miss all the awesome messages my friends drew on my cast. I have to remember to ask mum to take a pic before it comes off.


And OMTG! How amazeballs is the new TG mag! It’s like TGHQ read my mind about the sports luxe fashion trend and knew these super cute outfits would work with my cast. Love it!


Until next time,

Jessie xx


PS. Just made space on my wall for The Collective poster!


  1. 16 Montana 17 Aug
    Hey this is the first time I have read this you have a awesome blog!
    I remember braking my foot sooo stupid I couldn't do anything I had to 
    Wear a moon boot over the school holidays it was also super itchy like your one!
  2. 15 Fleur Davies 19 Aug
    That's good news
  3. 14 niamh 20 Aug
    hi Jessi,

    i am a major fan and i know how it feels to get a cast taken off tickles lots
    good luck 
  4. 13 Mya 23 Aug
    Hi there jessie !
  5. 12 Zara 23 Aug
    I love Jessie's Space because I love hearing what you're doing all the time
  6. 11 Coco 23 Aug
    Hi Jessie! I'm so glad that your cast is coming off. I know how it feels like wearing it.
  7. 10 alisa 25 Aug
    OMG!!! wow jessie . how did you get that cast . by the way im your biggest fan so i made you a shout out so you would feel better. hope you liked my comment!!!!
  8. 9 Indy 26 Aug
    Hi my name is indy and i love your blog
  9. 8 Morgsy 28 Aug
    Hey Jessie,
    It's going to be so great to get your vast off and you can finally itch your leg as much as u like!;)
    Yours sincerely Morgsy!:)
  10. 7 Sophia 31 Aug
    OMTG I totes <3 this awesome blog its the best thing I have ever read!!!
    P.S May I plz get a shout out in your next magazine???-Because I <3 your mag so much so it would make me super duper HAPPY!!!
  11. 6 teresa 07 Oct
    Hey Total Girl my name is Teresa and I always beg my mum to buy me the latest total girl but I thought to look at the web and you know I was just reading your blog and its amazing and wow you know my cupboard is always like that so your not the only one 
  12. 5 Madly 09 Oct
    Yeah the cast is gone 
  13. 4 Rosie 15 Oct
    Is she a real girl?
  14. 3 emily 18 Mar
    i like the blog a bit i love the pic's
  15. 2 erica cross 09 Apr
    i love you blog and the pics are so cute
  16. 1 Paige 25 Sep
    its super awesome when your friends draw on your cast isn't it
    i hate it hen it itches :(


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