Term Three is Here!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hey TGs,

It's Jessie here, how are you guys all going on your first week back at school? Today was my first day back and it was pretty full on. It felt like we had to catch up on all the work we would have done had we not gone on school holidays. I have loads of homework to do tonight but I thought that I'd update you all before really knuckling down.

Jessie Goes Back to School. Illustration: Anna Radcliffe


It was really nice seeing everyone back at school, even though we'd seen each other a few times throughout the holidays it was all of us back together again. It's pretty awesome! Jane told us all about her holiday with her dad and step-mum to New Zealand. They went skiiing and snowboarding! How fun! 

Catherine spent half her holidays at a sports camp. She made lots of new friends, which is really awesome. I think the camp really brought her out of her shell. 

The rest of us spent our holidays at home. I think it's pretty cool to go away on holidays but it's also not too bad to stay at home because you get to catch up on all the awesome stuff you don't get around to when you're at school. For example, I read sooo many books, in fact I went through my collection of EJ12 books and then read loads of TG magazines too. Holly and I had loads of DVD nights and watched so many movies, it's so fun. I even tried and tested some recipes I found in my old TG magazines. I have to say, my cooking is improving by the day.

How was your first day back at school?




  1. 17 Emma 16 Jul
    I loved seeing all my friends and seeing my little sister start school! So cute! :)
  2. 16 Chloe 16 Jul
    I love fun games and I thougth it wall be fun.I like online games they are fun.
  3. 15 Alana 16 Jul
    Hi Jessie I'm 11 and on the holidays I read all of the eg12 including time to shine the brand new one I read your blog all the time 

    Thxs Alana xx
  4. 14 Helene 16 Jul
    My day backgammon at school is tomorrow but I still had some fun.
  5. 13 Teia 17 Jul
    Hello Jessie! It was great on my first day back 2 school! How was your first day back to school?
  6. 12 brittney 19 Jul
    hey my name is brittney and me and my best friend alexis and bonnie we like to sing to carly rae jepsen and one direction.....
  7. 11 Sara 22 Jul
    Hey my first day back at school was awesome i had of fun how was your first day back ?????
  8. 10 Jessica 22 Jul
    Dredful, forgot my asiment D:
  9. 9 ashleigh 25 Jul
  10. 8 emily 25 Jul
    it seems like you had a relley cool holaday
  11. 7 Ashley 26 Jul
    hey there jessie!! my name is ashley i am 10 years old and i love reading your blog! it looks like you go on great adventures. i love to spend time with my bestie and my three cats lara,mittiens & shadow plus i am crazy for stationery!
  12. 6 Sarah 29 Jul
    U know the first day of skol wasent that bad except for the part where I got homework and also got in trouble from this boy in my class.
  13. 5 di 30 Jul
    it was okay but still pretty cool but I I had about 12 sleepovers at my friends house in the night they tucked me up that tight that I was like a catterpillar in a kaccon ok back to the story so I was ok with going back to school but the first thing we had to do was maths ! omtg !
  14. 4 Caitlin 03 Aug
    Hi total girl from Caitlin in mudgee yes
  15. 3 hayley 07 Aug
    looks like you had a fun holiday hahaha
  16. 2 Mady 08 Aug
    That seemed like a WONDERFUL holiday! Soz i got to tell u about my self , i am 10 yr's old i live in Australia. I have a little brother named Zavier, he is really sweet. My B-D is the 29th of July. So I just had my B-D like just over a week ago!
  17. 1 Alira 08 Aug
    my  first  day was fantastic!
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