Surprise Sleepover!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hey TGs,

Guess what? After dinner on Thursday night, Mum said I could have a sleepover on Friday if my friends were free! I quickly called Katie and Molly (I'm allowed to call before 8:00pm) and they were all available.

It was sooo much fun! They came home from school with me on Friday and we baked cupcakes with Holly and Mum. 

Later on we watched some movies (and scoffed our cupcakes!), and then we did manicures on each other. I tried to do TG Beauty Guru Claire's candy nailpolish and it looked pretty good.

After that we all got into our pajamas and listened to some of our favourite songs! We came up with a few new dances and all talked about how much we love the new One Direction song! We all ended up giggling so much that Dad came and told us we had to be quiet! LOL!

Jessie saw her Besties in the Holidays!
Hehe so this isn't at the sleepover but it was the only photo I could find of us three! I looove my friends.

In the morning Mum made us a big yummy breakfast of pancakes and I said goodbye to the girls! It was such an awesome night and I hope to have another sleepover with my BFFs ASAP! Do you have any awesome sleepover stories?



  1. 15 Clare 02 Aug
    Me and my friends love playing fun games like truth or dare at sleepovers! ❤
  2. 14 Mackenzie 02 Aug
    At a slumber party I had with three of my friends last year we each painted a jar to make it super cute, and filled them with jelly beans!! But most of the jelly beans were gone by the time it was time to go home, hee hee hee! By the way how old are you Jessie?
  3. 13 Grace 03 Aug
    Sounds like heaps of fun!
  4. 12 Shreya 03 Aug
    It was at my Birthday Party last year when my friend and I were 'double dared' to eat whatever was given to us with our eyes blindfolded. My other BFF's gave us this really horrible stuff including strawberries with vegemite and honey! It was so gross but fun as well.:)
  5. 11 jaimee 03 Aug
    I went to my friend Sami's Birthday Party in year 5. Me and my besties Maisie, Lauren, Holly and myself were all drinking colas. We didn't notice it but Sami and Lucy both sneaked off and went and hid. Sami's twin brother Brian also had some friends over except they were all boys. We tricked a boy called Oliver to open a can of cola that we had just shaken up! well anyway, we all suddenly realised that Sami and Lucy were missing. Before they had disappeared they had told Sami's mum where they had gone, but she wouldn't tell us anything except look high. Everyone started looking up trees and down holes in the backyard while I looked on top of the trellis! I found them up there covered by a bush. they made me swear not to tell anyone so I climbed down and led everyone in the wrong direction! We were rolling down hills so that the boys didn't see us! When Sami's mum called us inside for dinner because it was too late we all went inside to find Sami and Lucy waiting there for us! everyone started cracking up when I told everyone that I knew where Sami and Lucy were all along especially when I told them about us rolling down the hills to keep away from the boys!
    I will never forget that sleepover, it was one of the funniest ones I ever went to!! the only sad thing was that two of my two friends-Ella and Rachael-couldn't make it and of course leaving!!
    (sorry if this is to long)!  :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)  
  6. 10 grace 03 Aug
    sounds so fun wish I was there ( ;
  7. 9 Emilie 04 Aug
    Hey Jessie, wow that sleepover sounded like a lot of fun! I remember one day my BFFS slept over. We went shopping and did each others nails. Then we had a midnight feast! Yummy! We made cakes for each other and we make strawberry and marshmallow skewers. At night one of my BFFS draw a moustache and glasses on my face. we made Geleez and played Mario kart. At three in the morning! Then that morning mum hired a jumping castle. We bounced and bounced for hours. One of my BFFS  taught me to do a backflip!  Then we went to te pool and had ice blocks, sorbet and coke! We played volley ball and then had a diving competition. Then we headed home and got dry. Soon it was time for them to go. I said goodbye and gave them a hug. BEST SLEEPOVER EVER!!!!!!!
  8. 8 anna 04 Aug
    nice! i do that too 
  9. 7 Phoebe 05 Aug
    I had a sleepover like that on Friday! I came home after school with my friend, Ellie and then we baked rainbow cupcakes and I stayed a second night because they were catching up with some friends on Saturday and I knew them so Ellie's mum, Jane, said I could say another night and we had a barbie it was so fun... we also played 44 home where the couch was home and I loved it... we are doing again ASAP!... well that's what Jane said anyway...!...!
  10. 6 Alira 05 Aug
    omtg! that sounds like totes fun. I have never really had a sleepover before so your story is urging me on! no, I don't  have any storys to tell. by the way, have you ever heard of a sleep under? if you have i'm having one on my birthday. I'm going to turn nine . hope you can write back!
  11. 5 Krista 05 Aug
    My latest sleepover was a disaster. I felt so homesick I had to go home very late at night. It was terrible!
  12. 4 Jess 06 Aug
    I luv sleepovers and hanging out with my friends!!!
  13. 3 marimar 11 Aug
    you are so amzing and i like your escursion page blog
  14. 2 Rosie 31 Aug
    My last sleepover was awesome! 
    I had a sleepover with one of my BFF's and it was heaps of fun. We did makeovers and had a fashion parade!
    its was the best sleepover ever
  15. 1 Sarah 01 Sep
    My friends and me have sleepovers all the time and there sooo cool! Love from the best,Sarah!
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