Surprise Pressies!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hi there!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Time’s flown by so fast! I’m really worried I won’t be able to give all my friends their Christmas gifts, so I’m starting early. But make sure you don’t tell them yet; it’s going to be a surprise!

Mum said I could make them Christmas cards and bracelets this year, but I want to give them something more special! After all, they are my besties!

I know Jane loves pastries and cookies, so I’m thinking of wrapping smiley-faced cookies in a tin with red and green bows. As for Molly, she’s a huge fan of jewellery, so I’m going to use
TG’s DIY jewellery board to help me make her an awesome gift!

Do you have any more Christmas gift ideas for me? Should I get something for Angie as well?

Jessie xx


  1. 13 liyah 17 Dec
    hi Jessie! My name is liyah I took a test and you are my BFF!!! I was really excited to tell you and I read your part first when I get TG. love from your BFF Liyah.
  2. 12 Keely 17 Dec
    Christmas cookies are always yummy and you should give Angie a Christmas teddy bear. Oh and merry Christmas Jessie!
  3. 11 Sienna 19 Dec
    How do I become your friend?
  4. 10 kinslea 19 Dec
    how do I become your friend
  5. 9 Jessica 20 Dec
    I just love Christmas. Even though I disobeyed my mom by looking in the closet and saw some presents> I got a sewing machine and a hair changing color thing.
  6. 8 Sammy 23 Dec
    Hi Jessie! I'm Sammy. Do you want to to be friends?
  7. 7 alesha 23 Dec
    merry Christmas jessie
  8. 6 Poppy 24 Dec
    Hi Jessie!
    I love your TG blog! I can't wait till Christmas 
    and I hope you have a merry one!
  9. 5 Jess 24 Dec
    Hi Jessie! I'm jess! I was reading this and realised you wrote this on my birthday!
  10. 4 Caity 27 Dec

    Hi Jessie!!


    I love your blog can I be your co-blogger???


    Merry Christmas and a happy new year




  11. 3 Georgia 05 Jan
    How bout, some special stationary, Smiggle or kikki k will be a great present to give to your loveable besties. Oh, you should also put it in some special gift bags with a card, PRECIOUS!!!! Merry Christmas Jessie xxxx
  12. 2 tiana 11 Jan
    i think you should get her some gelez she might like that
  13. 1 sonja 09 Mar
    hi Jessie I am Sonja you say Sonja like sonya
    you should get her some smuggle stuff


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