Summer Sunburn

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi TGs!

Thanks so much for sharing your New Years' resolutions, I've been reading them all!

Alexandra, good luck with netball! Hopefully you have enough time to train before winter sport starts!

Georgia and Tori-lee, I might see you outside when I take Cotton for her walks (or you might see my sis)!

Jorja here's how I got started in blogging!

To everyone who wants better grades: GOOD LUCK! I'll be thinking of you!

To Shrija, Abby, Nicole, Eleanor, TotalGirl93, Abbey, Naomi, Sophies, Maddi, Leah, Jessie, Siena, Charlotte and Chloe - THANK YOU! All the best with your amazing resolutions.

I'm finally blogging today because I'm sunburnt and can't go outside! We've been going to the beach nearly every day, but yesterday I was really slack and ignored Mum when she told me to put more sunscreen on.

When we got home yesterday afternoon I was feeling really hot and flustered, and then last night my shoulders were pretty pink. It was really uncomfortable. Mum put Aloe Vera gel on my skin but it didn't really help.

It's much better today, but after like nooo sleep last night I have totally learnt my lesson! My Dad and my sister have gone again today, but Mum is staying home with me.

Love you Mum!

TGs - don't make my mistake! Sunscreen is sooo important.

Love and pink, sore shoulders
Jessie xx


  1. 9 Karen 16 Jan
    When i was 6 i went to swimming lessons and got sunburnt so much. Now my skin is a lot darker than before. Last week i went to jamberoo and got sunburnt again. The next day my shoulders were SO sore
  2. 8 rachel 16 Jan
    i hate sunburn and i have it right now and my skin is ichie as well i wearing sunscreen next time
  3. 7 Charlotte 18 Jan
    I recently went to my beach house and we went to the beach every day because it was so hot and the water was freezing, unlike the sand that was burning my feet. 
    I got really bad sunburn on the hottest day, it was all over my: face, ears, legs, arms and the worst part was my shoulders. The next day the sunburn started going except for my shoulders, they started getting red, itchy and really soar. Now my shoulders are peeling skin and getting scabby, it looks OMTG!
  4. 6 Maddie 18 Jan
    I Totally hate sunburn. So that's why I were sunscreen ALOT! Normally I get tanned if I were a lot of sunscreen!

  5. 5 Danni 22 Jan
    Hey TGs
    im new n this is my first time talking to u guys. Hi for starts, love tg mags so much I'm the gossip queen.

    c u later
  6. 4 Eleanor 23 Jan
    I hate sunburn! It's a nightmare it makes me feel sore all over and my mums been telling me to put a lot more on than usual. Once I was horse riding in England on the only sunny day when I was five for one hour and I didn't put sunscreen on my arms felt like my arms were burning.
  7. 3 Alisa 23 Jan
    Hiii . I got sun burnt at somewhere at December it was burning . I had sun burnt for a week !!!!
  8. 2 alexia 05 Feb
    i got sunburn  on my birthday it hurt
  9. 1 Brooke 30 Aug
    I hate being sunburnt it kills. especially when I go horse riding I forgot to put sun screen on and I couldn't ride for a while.


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