Sports Camp

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Phew, do I feel on top of the world right now or what!? The teachers at school always talk about how great sport can make you feel, and now I know what they're on about!

Nearly at the Finish Line!

After spending a full week at sports camp, I can now say I've tried sprints, hurdles, shot put and loads more. And guess what? Even though some sports can seem scary at first, once you have a go they can be really rewarding. 

I've learnt that sport is not always about coming first, but trying your hardest and achieving bests. So much fun!

Now I'm off to soak my sore muscles in the bath!

Love and long-jump
Jessie xx


  1. 4 BELLA 22 Jun
    It sounds like fun 
    blog where you did it
    I LOVE sport
  2. 3 Evanna 28 Jun
    WOW! this so a amazing coolioes
  3. 2 VeriTGy! 13 Jul
    Hey Jessie!

    At my school we've JUST finished...INTERSCHOOL! Soooo anoying!!!!=(
    You're first thind I turn to when I get TG! LOLZ!

    LUV YA! VeriTGy!
  4. 1 TAYLA 14 Jul
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