Seashell BFFLs

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey everyone!

I had so much fun today! My friends and I planned a day out to the beach because we were sooo eager to try out our new swimming costumes! Mine’s this really cute polka dot costume – I love patterns on all my clothes!

When we got to the beach, it was absolutely crazy! There were so many people trying to catch waves or just bathe in the sun. My favourite part about the beach is the golden sand! Ever since I was little, Mum would always take me to the beach and I’d build sandcastles.

Molly and Cassie swim much faster than me, but I always beat them in water volleyball. They’re so bad at it!

After swimming, we went to the tiny rock pools to collect seashells. Guess what we found!? Baby crabs and sea snails! I dared Cassie to hold a crab, but she was too scared! 

It was such a great day; because once we all got home we made shell necklaces and decided to always wear it when we’re together! 

Do you have any best friend jewellery?

Jessie xx


  1. 4 Keely 17 Dec
    Yes I do my BFF Abbi gave me 2 friendship necklaces that she bought for me she's so kind anyway hope u had a great day at the beach!
  2. 3 9408lee 22 Dec
    we have got special rocks that look like hearts. We found them at this special tree that we go to!
  3. 2 Tiana 09 Jan
    I have one that gave to my freind
  4. 1 Lisa 09 Jan
    I have these tots adorbs necklaces that join together


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