Poor Holly!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
So the WORST thing happened yesterday!

Holly is pretty much the best sister ever, and so I'm sooo upset for her. I just wish I was older and I could help her out!

A new girl started in Holly's class (around the same time as Dora) and has turned out to be the meanest, most awful person! I try SO hard not to think mean things about people, but this girl is just sooo... mean! There's no other word for it!

She started out seeming really nice, but gradually she's let her true colours show.

At first it was things like saying she was having trouble catching up with our school and asking to borrow Holly's homework, and then leaving it at home so it looked like Holly hadn't done it.

Then she asked the teacher if she could swap seats with Holly because she can't see from where she sits, and so now Holly has to sit at the back on her own (she was next to her bestie before). Now this girl is super-good friends with Holly's bestie and says that they're having desk-BFF lunches together, so Holly can't join in!

Yesterday they had PE, and while Holly was in the bathroom the new girl took her PE shirt out of her bag and put it on (she had forgotten hers) so when Holly came out she didn't have her full uniform! Her PE teacher gave her an official warning and everything.

Mum picked us up from school yesterday with Cotton, and when Holly got into the car she burst into tears and told us the whole story.

I felt SO bad for her! 

Mum says she's going to talk to Holly's teacher today and see if there isn't another solution to Holly sitting by herself, and also explain about the PE uniform.

Holly's worried that that will make it worse, but I think if it keeps going on it will get worse anyway!

What do you girls think?

Jessie xx


  1. 18 Coco 08 May
    Thats horrible! Maybe she should tell the teacher or do something else. Poor Holly I hope she gets better.
  2. 17 Amalie 09 May
    I feel sooo sorry! A new person has just joined in my class as well!
  3. 16 ruky 10 May
    Poor Holly that's soooo mean she should do something like tell a teacher or something to make it better hopefully things get better soon
  4. 15 lucy 12 May
    ohhhhhhhhhhh. tell her to stand up for her self. what grade is she in? poor holly. love Lucy xox
  5. 14 Celine 12 May
    That happened to my brother (in a boy way) and it's still happening! It was terrible but mum talked to the teacher and it's now fixed
  6. 13 lela 14 May
    She should talk to the new girl nicely and explain what was wrong, perhaps the new girl is not usually mean, she might be upset or jealous about something and Holly should talk it out with her.
  7. 12 nicola 14 May
    I know you can just ask her why she is doing it or to stop right now poor Holly :(         xoxo

  8. 11 Kate 14 May
    Hi Jessie, that is so mean!! But I also agree with Iela. Tell Holly to talk to the new girl and explain how she felt. lots and lots of love, Kate xx
  9. 10 Maddy 18 May
    im sure holly will be ok just keep standing up to what you believe
    good luck,
    maddy xoxo :)
  10. 9 Nikkie 19 May
    That is so mean! Why not talk to the "mean" Girl and let her understand,She might be jealous or something.
    or  she may Stand out for herself.  and also tell it to your mother and your teacher. I agree with all of you!
    XOXO Nikkie <3
  11. 8 Naomi 26 May
    That is so cruel, holly you need to talk to someone
  12. 7 Luna 31 May
    O.O Thats Just Mean!
    She Really Needs to tell The Teacher,
    And, Remember. Your Besties will Love you No Matter

    Stay Strong!~♡ 
    Luna Out.
  13. 6 Sasha 05 Jun
    Well ...
    Thats just so mean , like holly was nice but the "new girl " was just using her.
    I think that your mum should talk to the teacher and Holly should tell her "bestie" how she fells and the whole story if her "bestie" knows she will understand if not thats not being much of a very good "bestie" an maybe she's not worth being friends with.
    XOXO Sasha
    Good luck holly! 
  14. 5 Rebecca 12 Jun
    That is just so mean. Her mum should definitely tell the teacher. Or she should tell her bestie.
    Good luck!
  15. 4 Skylar 19 Jun
    Poor Holly I hope she is ok 
    I had new twin girls join my class once it was horrible!!!!! 
    I feel your pain Holly 
  16. 3 mina 25 Jul
    I think Holly should talk to the girl and tell her to stop it.
    Or tell the teacher or the principal.
  17. 2 Aman 10 Aug
    I think Holly should stand up to this girl! This new girl should feel the pain Holly did. I mean a new girl is going to become one of everybody else to. 

    As for her friend Holly should tell her that until you stop playing with the new girl we are no longer friends.

    Holly should stand up for herself.
  18. 1 Aman 27 Jan
    Holly should go to the mean girl (what is the mean girls name?) and tell her that she is doing the wrong thing by stealing her BFF and stealing her PE t-shirt. What kind of person is she? She should feel ashamed. Then ask a aren't to confront this to a teacher.


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