OMTG My New Look!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Okay TGs, if you've got the June or July issue of Total Girl, you'll have seen my new look blog!

My column used to be called 'Jessie's Space' but TG editor Amanda said it should get a makeover (along with the rest of the mag). We decided to rename my column 'Jessie's Blog' and the amazing designer Anais created the new look.

What do you think? I love it!

I'm such a proud mama of my blog and my ah-mazing readers.

Love and makeovers
Jessie xx


  1. 21 Ella 06 Jun
  2. 20 Isabella 07 Jun
    Hi Jessie 
    the new look is fantastic 
    u r my fave part of the mag 
    I love it

    isabella xxx
  3. 19 Coco Angus 11 Jun
    I love it
  4. 18 Stella 12 Jun
    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plus why does 'email' say 'optional'?
  5. 17 amalie 12 Jun

    hi Jessie its pretty cool I think .im like a big fan eeeee



  6. 16 Fleur Davies 14 Jun
    GREAT JOB !!!!
  7. 15 Georgia 15 Jun
    Hi Jessie 
    I think your new look is awesome your space is the best space in the whole mag!!!
    Georgia xoxo
  8. 14 Coco 18 Jun
    I love it as well. Its so awesome Jessie!
  9. 13 Lauren 24 Jun

    Luv it<3

    great job Jessie

  10. 12 lillibeth 24 Jun
    ha jessie i love the new look cool
  11. 11 Summer 27 Jun
    Hi Jessie,
    My name is Summer and I read all of your messages. Would you like to be my friend?
    I live in Victoria and it's very cold in Melbourne (Victoria.) I'm 9 years old and I buy TG with my pocket money whenever it's out. I also have a pet dog Crazy Daisy and a pet cat Maggie.
    ( PS I hope your leg gets better)
    From TG Summerxoxoxo
  12. 10 Amalie 28 Jun
    It is so cool!:)
  13. 9 Ballerina Mina 01 Jul
    I love this space!
  14. 8 Luna 01 Jul
    Hai Jessie!
    i Love ur blog and i always will. btw Do you play minecraft?
    i do. if so whats ur ign?

    -Stay Strong-
    Luna out!
  15. 7 Alyssa 02 Jul
    It's amazing
  16. 6 Asha 02 Jul

    Hi Jessie.

    I love your blog in TG and have read it like 1,000,000 times (that's just July issue). When I read your quote of the month I remembered my friend Anastasia who last month broke her arm at Karate. She was itching it with an "itching stick" until she got a full cast instead of a half cast and the doctor told her to stop. Another idea is a skewer. Hope that stops it itching.


  17. 5 Jorja 11 Jul
  18. 4 cute and awesome 15 Jul
    It's great!
  19. 3 cute and awesome 15 Jul
    Hi Jessie. I like your website
  20. 2 Lucy 19 Aug
    Hi Jessie

    I think it looks great

    P.S. I am such a huge fan!!


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