OMTG I love the new site!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey TGs!

OMTG I have been sooo excited about the new Total Girl website - I have been dying to tell you all about it!

TG Editor Amanda swore me to secrecy - all I knew was that the best girl's mag ever was getting a new site that would work on my iPhone and Mum and Dad's iPad too!

I'll be blogging just as much (if not more!) and of course you can still see Jessie's Space in the mag.

Send me a comment with your thoughts about the site, and make sure you get the June issue of Total Girl (with Ariana Grande on the cover), I went horse riding and it was AMAZING.

Jessie's Space: The new TG Website!

Jessie xx

PS I haven't had time to copy all of my old blogs over yet, but I will! In the mean time, I copied my faves, like the time I went to One Direction!


  1. 14 grace 15 Jun
  2. 13 Chanelle 16 Jun
    omTG I LOVE the new website. Nearly as much as I love Jessie's space!!! My names Chanelle and I wrote a review for total girl
  3. 12 Felicia 16 Jun
    Hey, Jessie!
    I love the June Issue of TG and of course I collected it! I can't wait 'till you can copy all of your fab blogs. I read every single thing on Jessie Space. I'm so jellie that you went horse riding! Horses are my fave animals (and pups and cats, of course!) I'm so going to get the TG iPhone app..I swear! If I don't, I'll be crying my head off!!
    See ya later, Jessie!
    Lots of Love,
  4. 11 isobel 16 Jun
    the new site is epic!
  5. 10 chantelle 17 Jun
    Hi I love Reece Mastin if i meet him i will cry
  6. 9 Bekki 18 Jun
    OMTG i just love this website and i love saying OMTG

    xoxo from bekki :)
  7. 8 moxiegirl 18 Jun
    So lucky you went horse riding! ;-) I also love the new site, it's so cool!! XD
  8. 7 Micaela 20 Jun
    The new website is sooooo EPIC!!!!!! I can not wait till I see 1 D!!!!!!!
  9. 6 Phoebe 20 Jun
    WOW I'm one of the first people to send a comment!
    I would love to WIN a prize..
  10. 5 Winona 20 Jun
     OMTG!!!! The new website is AMAZING!!!!!! I.LOVE.IT. I am SSSSOOOOO getting the TotalGirl app for my iPod touch!
  11. 4 Elizabeth 20 Jun
    It is so amazayn like totally my fav part is the 30 1D facts iLOVVVVVEEE IT OMTG
  12. 3 Rhianna 28 Jun
    OMTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i can't believe you saw 1D
    My good friend Chloe loooooooooooooooooves zayn so much
    Tell one direction I said hi
  13. 2 Bonnie 05 Jul
    OMTG Jessie I can't wait to her about your next blog 😜😜😝
  14. 1 chloe 06 Jul
     hi i love the new website 
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