My Weekend As a STAR

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey girls!

Guess how I spent the weekend? I don't think you'll be able to guess so I'll tell you: I entered the Barbie Popstar Party Competition!

Ages ago I blogged about being the face of TG's new app (Popstar Party) and so when this comp came around I felt like I had to enter! Plus I REALLY want the iPad Mini prize, LOL.

I spent ages practising, and then I did a rehearsal in front of Mum and Dad (and Cotton, except she wandered off half way through haha). Here's the song you have to sing:



Mum and Dad thought it was pretty good (they gave me a few pointers, and Mum helped me pick a performance outfit) so I worked up my courage and recorded my audition!

It's super easy (you can do it all from in the Popstar Party app), and then once you're done, you just Sing-a-gram it to

It took another few goes before I realised it was easiest to ask Mum to hold the iPad and film while I sang.

I finally sent it at 8:30pm last night.

Wish me luck!!! 

Have you entered the comp? You totally should!

Love and singing super-loud


  1. 9 Danica 20 Mar
    I listened to the song and it sounds awesome good luck!
  2. 8 Georgia 21 Mar
     good luck  Jessie . NO WAY AM I ENTERING  im a terrible singer when I sing everyone stares at me like their confused if im a dieing cat , a cow in distress or a screaming human
  3. 7 Benni 23 Mar
    Hi Jessie, everytime I get a total girl mag I go straight into your blog ok anyway the song is great and you are awesome
  4. 6 Karlia 23 Mar
    You have the greatest voice Jessie. I wish you the best of luck!
  5. 5 Jasmine 24 Mar
    Good luck Jessie :)
  6. 4 mikaela 26 Mar
    i llistened to the song same as danica and it is the bbbeeeeeeeeeesssssssssttttttttttt it sounds like you have the voice
  7. 3 Madeline 27 Mar
    You shoud do good 
    good luck Jessie !!!!!!:)
  8. 2 Melody 30 Mar
    LOVE IT!!! My friends say I am good at singing, I even entered a talent show and went in the finals!! GOOD LUCK Jessie!! :D
  9. 1 Tarran 03 Aug
    I know you will do great good luck .

    oh and you sing great!


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