My Totally Terrifying Teacher Part 3

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Heeeey super wonderful TGs

Thank you sooo much for your comments! I spent the weekend totally DREADING going to school on Monday, and every time I felt super down, Mum made me read your nice comments again.

Sienna thanks so much for that list! I am seriously thinking about making him a card.

Today has been okay I guess. He didn't keep anyone back at lunch and we were all on our best behaviour.

The worst thing about the day was maths. I don't know if you guys remember but maths is totally not my best subject! I concentrate sooo hard, but I pretty much always end up asking Mum or Dad for help after school.

Today during Maths I didn't really get what we were talking about (long division is seriously the WORST. I can't even think about it right now) but I was too nervous to ask in case he shouted at me (Mum is reading this over my shoulder and saying that I should never be scared to ask something, LOL, thanks Mum). 

Then something weird happened. Sean, who hadn't really said a word to me all day (except to borrow my glue stick) saw what I was struggling with and asked Mr James about it, pretending HE was having the problem.

I knew he wasn't struggling with the same thing, because all his equations were completely finished and answered (with all the working).

Mr James explained that bit again (he was a bit short, but nothing too mean) and I listened to it all and it made sense that time.

It was such a nice thing to do! I was too scared to say thanks in case Mr James thought I was talking in class, but I gave him a big smile and mouthed thank you when I got the chance.

I told Cass about it after school, and she reckons maybe Sean isn't as mean as we thought.

How are you all going back at school? Have you guys made any new friends yet?

Love and long division
Jessie xx


  1. 15 Sienna 11 Feb
    Hi Jessie I have made lots of new friends. About Sean he might look mean but actually be nice it is like saying dont judge a book by its cover.  I hope if you do use the card it might help. I am sooo sorry that you had to have the teacher that you especially didnt want. Good luck!
  2. 14 maddi 11 Feb
    Hey Jessie, Sean is so sweet. 

    I have a mean teacher and i'm afraid to ask him to explain things again so i totes get you!!!

    and my teacher makes us sit in Alphabetical Order so i am sitting next to a Boy who is afraid to talk to him 2!

    From Maddi xx
  3. 13 Chelti 12 Feb
    It's okay Jessie. 2 years ago, i had a strict teacher, but i got over it. Just stay calm, that's my motto!
  4. 12 Arusa 12 Feb
    Hi Jessie! My name is Arusa and I'm in year 7 this year, and I think I have the most strictest teacher in my school! I almost started crying when I found out who my techer was, but then throughout the last week, she seemed really nice and helped me with my work and overall, she isn't that bad at all! Just shows, you need to get to know a person before judging them. I hope everything goes well for you!

    Lots of love love love,
  5. 11 Nici 13 Feb
    Hi Jessie. You really shouldn't be afraid. Remember it's just the start of school and I had a mean teacher once and when he got to know me more, he wasn't mean after all! Try if that works over a couple of weeks or so and it should get a lot better than you expect.
    Nici (Nicole)
  6. 10 Selina 14 Feb
    It's ok Jessie,
    I'm in the class with the loud talkative kids and sport stars. I'm nit that sporty and then the most annoying boys and girls are in my class. At least iv hit the best teacher. But the homework is a mountain.
  7. 9 shantelle 15 Feb

    hello Jessie, you seem very nice. I have a mean teacher called mr rohrle. he is totally mean! I am doomed!

    at least my  BFF  is in my class! her name is laura!


  8. 8 Jessica 17 Feb
    Don't wory about your teacher! He will turn out ok at the end ! Don't judge by its cover just because he looks strict and yells that's only at the naughty children , just keep out of any trouble!
  9. 7 chantelle 18 Feb

    hi Jessie

    I have loads of home work to do boo hoo

    ur cool


  10. 6 Lilli 23 Feb
    Hi my name is Lilli
  11. 5 Naomi 24 Feb
    I agree with you jessie maths is the worst.I hate  long division
  12. 4 Tara 02 Mar
    Hi Jessie, I'm Tara! I love reading your blog. It's the first thing I go to when I get total girl. I love all your stories. 
  13. 3 Summer 05 Mar

    hey Jessie, my favourite subject at school is art because I'm really good at it and my least favourite subject is maths, English and history


  14. 2 Mellonie 24 Dec
    Hi Jessie! Im  Mellonie and I too, don't like maths. But I do like English and Science. If your a little frustrated just say to yourself, if I get this test done and I get a pretty good score, I will get ( your choice of a thing you want)
  15. 1 Marisa 09 Jan
    Hi Jessie. You just need to stay focised on maths. For the test! Stay happy! :)


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