My Totally Terrifying Teacher Part 2

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi girls

Part 2 of my terrifying teacher tale! (LOL, it took me ages to come up with that sentence.)

Thanks for the comments! Keely I'm sooo glad you ended up liking your teacher! Mohini and Sienna your teachers sound like a good mix of strict but funny. Georgia, that's so hard, I'm sooo sorry! Hang in there and I'm sure it will get better. Jess and Felicia, you're so lucky!

ANYWAY... Where was I... Oh yeah!

So Cass and I were glued to each other's side in the hall, with the other super-scared students in Mr James class. I knew most of the people (there was a nice girl called Emma that I kinda know from a project last year) but Cass was my only bestie in the group.

When everyone was finally in their classes, Mr James turned around and said,

"Follow me."

That's it. No, "hi kids, I'm your teacher!" or, "I'm so glad to have this class!" 

We all followed him in complete silence to our classroom, which is at the end of a huge hallway (kinda a bit away from the other classes in our grade).

Usually we're allowed to pick where we want to sit (I was never going to leave Cass' side again!) but Mr James made us sit alphabetically. The seats are in pairs so I'm next to a boy called Sean, who I've never spoken to before.

He's one of the super cool kids, and to be honest, I'm kinda scared of him (I knooow that sounds weird but it's true). I've seen him tease people at lunch and stuff, so I've always sort of avoided him. 

All I could think was that I was stuck with Sean and Mr James ALL YEAR!

Cass is like three rows behind me. The one time I turned around to shoot her a 'look' (you know, one of those bestie looks where they know exactly what you mean without saying a word), Mr James stopped what he was doing and when I turned back around, he was just looking at me with his arms crossed (I nearly died).

After that, I just stayed perfectly still unless I was writing something down!

Just before lunch, we were doing some spelling. Everyone had to mark each other's work, and four kids got a couple of words wrong (including Sean). Mr James made them STAY BACK AT LUNCH and write the word they got wrong on the board 50 times each!

I shot Sean a look of sympathy when I got back after lunch but he didn't really look at me.

When I got home that afternoon I burst into tears! Mum gave me a big hug and said it would be okay, and Cotton licked my hand.

I just don't know how I'm going to cope with a whole year of this!

Jessie xx


  1. 20 maddi 06 Feb
    Hi i feel 4 u but all my bffs are in a different class then me but i like my teacher he is sporty and amazing i'm in year six this year so i hope it will be good
  2. 19 Naomi 06 Feb
    i hope your year goes well Jessie
  3. 18 Ginny 06 Feb
    I feel so sorry for you
  4. 17 Leah 06 Feb
    omtg that sounds horrible my teacher is the same completely I hope you have a better week love leah
  5. 16 Amber :) 07 Feb
    Oh no that must be hard. Stay strong Jessie!
  6. 15 Sienna 07 Feb
    Hey Jessie I feel sooo sorry for you. I might be able to give you some tips.
    1.Be good in class and try your best.
    2.Make a card for Mr James saying how happy you are to be in his class.
    3.Always be polite. 
    4.Try not to do something silly and get into trouble.
    Hope it work Jessie good luck! Siennaxoxo
  7. 14 Hayley 07 Feb
    So sad :(  my teacher just about hates me at least I sit across from a friend :P
  8. 13 Pinkberry Giggles 07 Feb
    I know the name thing is kinda weird but...
    in our school we never get to pick seats, so at least I can understand that but if you get to pick seats every single year and just top because of this guy that's tough!
    when our teacher is talking you CANNOT DO ANYTHING especially if you sit near the front because our teacher gives us the evil eye and if she's in a really bad mood or if you're not on her good side she'll yell at you PLUS if you don't come prepared or bring homework on time you have to stay in at lunch to write down why. And she actually did make a girl cry more than once.
    stay strong!
    sorry for the super long comment!
  9. 12 Jessica 08 Feb
    OMTG Jessie! I've always had cool funny teachers! In grade 3 I was so hoping not to get Mr Burton. My heart was pumping really really fast and after his class was done I was so releaved! Sooo hope You'll be Okay! :]
  10. 11 Georgia 08 Feb

    OMTG ! that's terrible  but don't worry you get to hang out whith your friends and  thanks I hope it will get better too

    Georgia out !

  11. 10 Simone 09 Feb
    Hi Jessie I feel so bad for you my teacher is more mean I always read your blogs bye I hope I can leave a comment the next blog
  12. 9 Simone 09 Feb
  13. 8 nyah 09 Feb
    hi jessie oh your techer must not know thats why she is doing that. you can do it jessie i know you can. i beleave in you
  14. 7 Pooja 09 Feb
    Dont worry jess things will be fine  💁 last year my all of my friends were in one class i was in one class on my own  😱 i was relly sad then i made friends & i even found my first BFF !! 😺 i was soo happy i dont know what i was sad about now LOL  👭 jess a least you got cass with you . Hope you have a great year 😋 have a great day 

    from pooja 

  15. 6 Pooja 09 Feb
    Oh and jess on top of that last year i had the worst teacher ever 😱 she gave me time out for droping my ruler . But it turns out she wasent that bad 🆒. 🎀🌂💄💖💞💘💓💗💎 pooja sorry about the spelling mistakes 
  16. 5 Pooja 09 Feb
    I 💕 total girl & your blog hi plz stay story 

    sign pooja 
  17. 4 Kayla 09 Feb
    You can go through this year Jessie!! You are amazing💟! Good luck!!
  18. 3 Galen 11 Feb
    Stay strong Jessie, Try thinking of all the good things about this year rather than the bad ones. That always helps me:) Lots of love and hugs from Galen xo
  19. 2 Mohini 16 Feb
    Hi Jessie. Mabye it will get better soon after a while when you start getting closer to your classmates and your teacher. I'm sure EVERY thing will get better.

  20. 1 Neve 17 Feb
    I feel sooooo sorry for you Jessie! 
    I had a strict teacher for maths in year 3. 
    Why not do some jobs for the teacher and he will like you better?
    Also don't be naughty (not that you would be but this is a really important thing to bear in mind.)
    Hang in there! :)


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