My Totally Terrifying Teacher

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Helloooo guys!

Did you make it through the first week back at school? 

My sis and I started back last week. I was really excited (I hadn't seen Cass and Angie for at least a week, LOL) and my sis was really nervous (she was sooo not ready for holidays to be over).

Now I think it should have been the other way around! We walked to school with Mum and Cotton, and when we got to the gates like three of my sis' friends came running out to say hi.

We must have been early or something because I couldn't see any of my friends! Lucky my sis' friends are really cool, so I just stuck with them until the bell.

We all went to the hall to find out which classes we were in. I had completely forgotten that we were getting new teachers! All I could think was, "PLEASE please please please NOT Mr James." He's the scariest, meanest teacher in the whole school. I've seen him yell at people in the playground and they always end up crying.

Sure enough, as they divided people off into their classes I heard them announce my name... in Mr James' class. My heart totally sunk!

When I walked over to the meeting spot for his class, I noticed Cass there too. I was so relieved! At least I'm not on my own! Apparently she had been running really late and had literally just arrived at school in time to hear her name called.

We both made scared faces at each other but were too nervous to say a word.

OMTG I have to go but watch this space - this is a super long story so I'll keep writing it tomorrow!

I hope you all have really nice teachers!

Jessie xx


  1. 11 Keely 03 Feb
    hope you'll be okay , Jessie 
    my teacher , Mrs Fletcher who I saw on the oval was yelling at kids and they ended up crying too so I was nervous on my first day of school but luckily my friend Savannah was there too and the first thing we did was art Savannah and I loved art so we ended up liking our teacher!!!!!!!
  2. 10 Maggie 03 Feb
    Please do not cut us off like that!
  3. 9 Mohini 03 Feb
    Hi Jessie. My school already started, last year on  August 14. I think. I know the feeling having the WORSTEST teacher ever (if that is even a word LOL).  My teacher Mr Atkinson, he teaches Design Technology (the short form is DT or Tech) at my school. Well I don't hate him it's just that he is kind of strict but not mean at all. Infact he is sometimes funny. 

    Love TG,
  4. 8 Felicia 03 Feb
    OMG! Poor you, Jessie!!! I HAVE THE BEST TEACHER EVER! My teacher is called Mrs.Quick and she is literally the best ever! 
  5. 7 Jess 03 Feb
    I like my teacher she does lots of art I like that a lot 
  6. 6 Jess 03 Feb
    I like my teacher she does lots of art I like that a lot 
  7. 5 Sienna 03 Feb
    Hi Jessie I didn't want a teacher called Mrs Kelly because she looked soooooo mean and strict but then I ended up realizing she was soooo funny I realized that she was a bit strict but very funny in a way. So don't worry Mr James might turn out funny or nice you never know. Good luck.
  8. 4 Georgia 05 Feb
    OMG ! HELP MY 2 TEACHERS ARE THE MEANEST ,STRONGEST  TEACHERS EVER ! and now im lonely cos my friend ditched me and my other ftriend keeps staying home . :(:(:(:(:( : amillion sad faces more :(:(:(:(:
  9. 3 Myah 09 Feb
    Hi Jessie i love your blog! i got m.r Obryan. At first i thought he was Strict and yelled too much but i noticed he was Funny he plays guitar for us sometimes and makes jokes!. He also sings and dances . I thought he was mean but once we got to know him he is kind <3
  10. 2 Damoniece 09 Apr
     girls rock so hugs and kisses for the best and its time to put it test!
  11. 1 oianna 09 Apr
    girls like cool


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