My Shopping DISASTER

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hey TGs,

You know I looove shopping but I had the worst adventure on Thursday night!

Holly and I both needed new school bags and she was being sooo grumpy. It felt like we were at the shops for such a long time and I just wanted to get home and update my blog.

Holly took forever deciding between a purple backpack and a pink backpack. I was feeling sooo frustrated and knew I was about to snap! I had to walk away at one point, so I checked out some clothes on the other side of the shop. In the end I decided to be a good, patient sister though and helped her make the decision. I got a totally adorbs blue backpack!

My family and me in Paris! Illustration: Anna Radcliffe
Okay so it's not the most recent pic, but it reminds me how much I love my fam!

I can’t wait to show my friends at school tomorrow! After the backpack drama Mum still had to do the grocery shopping, but she let us have lollipops which was OK. 


PS I saw your comment Jess, thanks! TG's email address is:!



  1. 17 Jess 26 Jul
    Hi Jessie! 
    My names Jessie to. I enjoy reading TG and Jessie's space. I do Karate and Gymnastics on the weekend. My friends Sarah, Crystal and Hayley are all in a band with me called The Mob. I really hope all of us meet the TG team and get interviewed. I really hope you reply or this is put in the mag! 

    Lots of love Jess
  2. 16 Bella 27 Jul
    Dear Jessie, I am now in LA  and when it was the 21st of July I went to Hollywood! It was so cool,we even went down musical piano stairs. It was so awesome and did you know I watch a show on TV called Jessie!

    hope you send me a comment BYE!    
  3. 15 Bianca 27 Jul
    Hi I do like shopping but only if were going to buy something I like. My birthday is on the 21st of July I turned 10 and im in year 5 Oh I forgot my name is Bianca. 
  4. 14 Isabella 28 Jul
    Hey Jessie! I am Isabella and I looooove shopping too! I am in love with your blog! BTW, I have had the same prob with my sis too! Bye! xx
  5. 13 Faith 28 Jul
    Hi Jessie. My name is Faith and I am 10 years old. I love reading your space. Whatever you get up to is cool and I'm glad to hear about it. I love reading your space because it makes me more happy.
    Love from Faith
  6. 12 lara 28 Jul
    hey jessie, i dont know what its like to have a sister but i know whats its like to get grumpy about waiting, like the other day i had to go to bunnings with my dad witch took about two hours but after that we got some chocolate croissants from the nearest bakery delicious.
    p.s blue is my fav colour.
  7. 11 Jess 30 Jul
    Hi Jessie
    Thanks for telling me the TG email I've been really wanting to know what it was
    I love reading about your amaze-balls adventures 
    You get to do some really awesome things!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I was able to go school bag shopping
    Mum always says no and I've had the same bag for THREE YEARS 
    Your #1 fan
    Jess (P.S. I'm actually Jessica)
  8. 10 jaimee 30 Jul
    My name is Jaimee! I am 12 years old and still enjoy reading Jessie's Space! I don't buy the TG mags But I borrow them from my school library! I normally get them to late to enter into any competitions so  I just enjoy reading embarrassing moments and of course Jessie's Space. My BFFS enjoy the mag as much as me!
    MY BFFS ARE: Sami, Loz, Maisie, Rach, Lucy.p, Lucy.J, Ella and my many pets!! I would love it this was published in a mag!! PLZ
    FROM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN JAIMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. 9 Lily 30 Jul
    Hi Jessie'
    I do hockey and gymnastics.I am the captain of my hockey team.My best friends name is Jessie, but he spells it Jesse.
  10. 8 Jaimee 31 Jul
  11. 7 Tehlia 01 Aug
    Hello Jessie!!!
    My Name is Tehlia I am 10 years of age, and whenever my mum or dad get me total girl I firstly look for your page and read it!!!! I love singing, discuss and absolutely LOVE READING TOTAL GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends, Charlotte, Caitlin, Amy, And Berra!!!! 
  12. 6 Clare 03 Aug
    Hi Jessie, I love reading Jessie's space and I love reading total girl! I got a total girl subscription for my birthday and I was soooo excited!!!!! I wish I could be in the mag!!! XXOO Clare
  13. 5 Shanae 05 Aug
    Hi  Jessie my names Shanae I do Karate and I enjoy reader TG and Jessie's space. Me and my friends  love your mag we always make all your craft stuff and listen to all your advice. I hope you replie.
  14. 4 hayley 07 Aug
    Hi Jessie
    My name is Hayley I love reading TG and Jessie space. I do Hocky and gymnastics.
    My friends olive Katelyn and Edyn just to name a few love reading TG and Jessie space hope you reply
  15. 3 Alira 08 Aug
    The other day I thought I was going to snap too, my mum was taking forever to choose a handbag. So I went to to look at some clothes.
  16. 2 Jessica 12 Aug
    :) I love your tots amaze-ball blog, I mean who doesn't? I know this probs won't cherr you up but that waa a total Disaster :( You could've told her wich one you thought was most fashionable!!! P.S I'm trying to help you out Jessie :) I'm not trying to make you feel like it's all your fualt. Mwah Jessica xoxoxoxox
  17. 1 Jessica 12 Aug
    Or maybe Texted Lattitia or Claire (My cousin's name is Latiah but spelt like that :3)
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