My Not So Terrifying Teacher?

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi girls!

OMTG it's already week three of term one! How are you all going?

So the third week of term one means the third week with Mr James and guess what? He has barely shouted all week!

Over the last fortnight he's sent ELEVEN people to the principal's office. That has to be a world record! Sean has been sent TWICE.

We sure all know his rules now though!

  1. Absolutely NO talking in class (unless it's group work).
  2. Do your homework or have a note from your parents explaining why.
  3. Bring your sports uniform or you need another note from your parents.
  4. Don't ask questions without putting your hand up first.

Yesterday the whole grade had to do group work in class about global warming, then meet in the playground and present our ideas. The first class ready to present got an extra ten minutes at lunch.

Guess what? Our class won! 

We raced inside to do the group work and no-one spoke until Mr James had assigned our groups. It took no time at all for us to get started, and I think that's why we won!

Mr James was so pleased with us all, that he put a Freddo Frog on everyone's desk when we got back from our (extra long) lunch.

Ummm what..? Where's my totally terrifying teacher?

Love and absolutely no talking (LOL)
Jessie xx


  1. 28 Selina 19 Feb
    Awww, he has a soft side! Yay! He must be a hard work for a reward teacher. Today we had a sub for sport and I'm sick so I had a note but this other girls got cramps and sat out with me and then the teacher came over and asked why she was sitting out. She explained and then the teacher said "are you lazy then?" And the girl said "no" quietly and then the teacher said, so you are lazy? And the girl said no!
    Such a mean teacher! I'm not even sure they're loud to say that!
  2. 27 Elysa 19 Feb
    I knew it would get better try to stay quiet unless group work or questions 
  3. 26 Tilly 19 Feb
    Yay-yo! first to comment! Good job Jessie! I love Jessie's Space in TG! U R AWSOME JESSIE! Good job on UR presentation.
  4. 25 maddi 20 Feb
    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the presentation!!!!!!! 11 people to the principles office!!!!! Do you do buddies at school? Because my school does.
  5. 24 Roxie 21 Feb
    Awesome News Jessie I love ur blog, and thats so cool u got ten minutes extra lunch and freddos, plus ur teacher has completely lost his angriness ,maybe even for the rest of the term he won't get angry!
  6. 23 Charlotte 21 Feb
    Yay Jessie and just to let you know I go to school with my mum and she is my teacher to I think I'm lucky.and just asking do you think that your mum would be a great teacher
  7. 22 Chanelle 21 Feb
    I have worst teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 21 lara 22 Feb
    super duper great news he sounds like he may have lost his angriness but maybe not for good i love  ur blog it is great and 11 people omtg that must be like a record of some sort
  9. 20 Myah 23 Feb
    Awesome. Maddi my school does buddies too! i got a terrifying teacher too!. i got mr. Obryan. i was scared because he owns the school program think tank and i got scared but he is sooooo funny and e did our SRC vote today and i got it! Bye
  10. 19 Georgia 24 Feb
    My teachers are still mean and they 50 rules :(
  11. 18 Amy 24 Feb
    Heyo! Wassup? I see u have a up and down teacher prob!! Good Luck! :) 
  12. 17 Amber 27 Feb
    We all new you could do it Jessie. Great job!
  13. 16 Rebecca 27 Feb
    Hey Jessie,
    I am Rebecca and i want to send a friend request but don't know how. I love reading your blog, especiallythe one where your Nan came to Australia from Newzealand. I have 4 cute dogs.
    I have a DIY idea for the magazine if you could tell TG editor Amanda for me.
    All you need are
    -4 old egg rings
    - some paint and small coloured circles
    -and glue

    First paint the egg rings in your favorite colours. Then glue the coloured spots on. Then you have gorgeous new bangles.
    seeya Jessie.
  14. 15 michelle 27 Feb
    Cool! You're teacher must have seemed better than you thought. Congrats that your class won! Way to go, Jessie! :)
  15. 14 Sammy 01 Mar
    I love reading Jessie's spaces, 
    your awesome Jessie, and everyone reading this
    xx ps hope this can make it in the next total girl
    (: also good luck Jessie on next total girl you do!
  16. 13 Bella 01 Mar
    Hey Jessie I read your blog all the time a teacher may seem mean but they always show their bright side!
  17. 12 Amelia 02 Mar
    OMTG i love total girl because i totaly love reading your page i have every collection of almost every titled magazine please reply i really love your page thx and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. 11 imogen 02 Mar
    your teacher must have seen he was being to hard on your class but if you think about it you will learn a lot more without talking.
  19. 10 Rebecca 02 Mar
    My teacher is wonderful. Hopefully your teacher will be good because she loves teaching you and seeing your beautiful face Jessie. I love you. P.S Do you like One Direction?
  20. 9 Matisse 02 Mar
    Hi Jessie, 
    I'm Matisse
    can you add me on you blog? PLEASE!!!!!!!


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