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by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hello TGs!

OMTG! You won’t believe what’s happened! Mum said I could buy the latest Secret Life of the Famous console! It’s this really cool game where you get to be a part of a celebrity’s life, and make sure everything’s running smoothly. I can’t wait to get my hands on the game because I really want to help the 1D guys. You have the opportunity to style their clothes, have singing rehearsals with them and run their concerts! It’s soooo cool, and I know all my friends will want to come over to my home to have a go!

If you’ve read the November issue of Total Girl with the gamer Bella Thorne on it (she’s soo cool!), you’ll know how fun being a gamer can be. There are so many tips I picked up on in the magazine, especially the girl gaming awards that gave away the best of them all!

I just got my copy of December too - Taylor Swift is pretty much my FAVE singer of all time. I just wish I had concert tickets.

I still enjoy playing hide and seek with Cotton. He’s so cute when he’s running, I absolutely adore him!

What’s your favourite game?

Jessie xx


  1. 16 Abigail 28 Nov
    Hi!!! my name is Abigail and i just LOVE reading your blog it is so exciting and there are always new things to hear about you and what your doing and i cant wait for the next mag so i can hear more about all the things your doing!!!
  2. 15 Heather 29 Nov
    Hi, i'm Heather! I wish that I could live your life! You always do stuff that sounds awesome while I'm stuck at home doing Homework ☻. I have a subscription and always ♥ reading about you. See you next month! 
  3. 14 Daisy 30 Nov
    Hi I'm Daisy and I really just love your space Jessie! I always look forward to reading your blog in the mag. I absolutely can't wait for your next adventure! 
  4. 13 Mardi 30 Nov
    hi I'm Mardi.Today I got my first TG book and I love it!!!Can you be my freind Jess?
  5. 12 Nilofar 03 Dec
    hi my name is nilofar and i really enjoy reading you blogs see you and your blogs soon
  6. 11 Chloe 03 Dec
    Hi I'm Chloe! I I've playing sims3 because it's soo interesting! Me and my sister Skyler love reading your blog. It is awesome to hear about all the cool things are up to you in your life. I love reading so it's even better. Hope we can be friends!
    Chloe 😜
  7. 10 Chloe 04 Dec
    Hi Jessie !!! My sisters name is Jessie too hehe! I wish I could bring you because I'm going to see Taylor swift on Saturday :)😀 
  8. 9 tamsyn 04 Dec
    hi jessie fans,
    i love your blog so much i evan told my friends how amazing you are.
    i am a mega fan of one directions niall horan and i love justin bieber 
    lots of love tamsyn
  9. 8 Jessie 12 Dec
    hi my name is Jessie also you do lots of cool stuff i wish i could do
  10. 7 lexi 12 Dec
    hi jessie i LOVE you blog soooooooo much!!!! i always flip straight to it when i get the latest mag!!
    LOL ( lots of love) lexi 
    P.S. i have a crazy addiction to butterflies!
  11. 6 Galen 12 Dec
    Hey Jessie, you're totally awesome<3
    Can u plz be my friend? Please please pleaseeeee!!!
  12. 5 Estelle 13 Dec
    Hey Jessie and all TG,
    i want to wish all of you a merry christmas , happy new year and a shout to my BFF's Gabby And Izzy.K
    Lots Of Love
    Estelle Xx
  13. 4 Alyssa 13 Dec
    I am going to the Taylor swift concert wish you could come because I could see you and It is tomorrow I can not wait
  14. 3 Poppy 16 Dec
    Hi TG,
    well, my fav game is probaly, Guess who so yeah. I also like to say that i love reading total girl mags my friends and I went to a Taylor Swift concert last night is was the coolest night ever!!!!
    well I better go so bye.
    love from your biggest bested fan ever ''Poppy''.
  15. 2 Tiana 09 Jan
    My fave is 
    just dance  4
  16. 1 Tiana 09 Jan
    My fave is 
    just dance  4


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