My Friday Faves & New Starring Role!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hi TGs

Happy Friday! It's my fave day of the week after Saturday!

Have you guys downloaded the new TG app on your iPods or iPads? Did you see anyone familiar on it? *hint hint* hehe!

Jessie is the star of Total Girl's new app!

Yep I was asked to help TG with this app and it was sooo much fun. I'm pretty lucky that TG let me help them on so many cool projects.

But enough about me, how has your week been? I've been a busy bee this week because I had to do a speech on a native Australian animal. I chose the Koala because they are really cute! I was pretty nervous but after I did it I wanted to do it all over again. Hopefully I get a good mark for it.


Anyways here are five of my fave things that have happened this week.

1. Cass and Zach introduced me to the show Adventure Time. It's sooo random and yet so hilarious!

2. Mum made mini muffins for school lunches this week. YUM!

3. I bought a pretty pink nail polish with my pocket money.

4. Cotton made a new friend called Buttons on Tuesday.

5. Mum got tickets to go and see Monsters University this weekend and said I could bring a friend. Yay!

I'm going to see Monsters U!


What are your Friday faves?

Love and movies

P.S. Here's how you download the app:
  1. Get your folks' permission.
  2. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod, search in the App Store (iPhone Apps) for 'Total Girl'.
  3. Select 'Total Girl'
  5. Yay!


  1. 26 jaimee 21 Jun
    yo hey guys what up loving the school holidays
  2. 25 jaimee 21 Jun
    I love u guys u are llike the hip in my hop
  3. 24 Alyssa 22 Jun
    Last night I saw monsters university it was a good movie have you seen it yet?
  4. 23 lindsay 22 Jun
    i love jessies space
  5. 22 Jamie 23 Jun
    HI Jessie I just wanted to ask you a question in the new mag I got it has got a Jessie's space page it is set out very nicely  how do we get ours like that.
  6. 21 Lydia 24 Jun
    Awesome article Jessie!
  7. 20 BELLA BOO 24 Jun
    you should add a text jessie part in app
    i love talking to you !!! the app is great 

    hope you reply love BELLA

  8. 19 Issy 25 Jun
    hey jessie
    i love jessie's space
    is any body doing anything interesting these school holidays
  9. 18 leah 25 Jun
    hi im new and anyone wanna be friends with me i saw this jessies space in my tg book
  10. 17 ayen 25 Jun
    i love this tnx guys ^^
  11. 16 Aaliyah 26 Jun
    Love your blog Jessie I hope you like monsters university
  12. 15 Rhianna 28 Jun
    Hi jessie
    My Friday faves are hanging with my friends, having sleepovers,watchingmovies and having chocolate for dessert.
    I am like your number 1 fan.
  13. 14 Dakota 30 Jun
    Hi Jessie I love your blog and all the cool things you do. I love reading your blog. 
  14. 13 Hayley 01 Jul
    yo   whats    up   love   u    

  15. 12 Naomi 03 Jul
    on  the holidays im going to see monster university despicable me and epic
  16. 11 Jacinta 04 Jul
    Hi, my name is Jacinta and Im 9 years old and my friday faves are going to the shops, having sleepovers,staying up late and talking about secrets with my friends.
  17. 10 Brooklyn 07 Jul
    Hi jes I am Brooklyn I am 10 years old and fro Newcastle New South Wales you are so lucky you get to do a heap of stuff I can't do that sometimes I mean a lots of the time
  18. 9 Alana 09 Jul
    I'm gonna get my new i-pod in September, can't wait to download the TG app!!!!!!! :-)
  19. 8 marija 10 Jul
    WOW your holiday is AMAZING you sure know how to live your life!!!! I am A huge fan 
    I really hope you had A good holiday with your friends YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
  20. 7 Brooklyn 12 Jul
    hey im hating my holidays ive been going to oshc but todays my lucky day with TG for the whole day at my mums work on the computer and then after ive got afriend coming over that i saw on wednesday we went to maccas we had a snack from there and we had dinner from there we were spoilt rotten!!!!
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