My Fave Things

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hi guys!

Hope you're all doing fab! I've been getting loads of emails of TGs wanting to know a little more about me, so here it is! A list of all my favourite things.

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My favourite...
  • Food: Cupcakes!
  • Drink: Milkshakes
  • Ice Cream Flavour: Cookies and Cream
  • Colour: Purple at the moment, it always changes!
  • Hangout: The shopping centre
  • Charity: RSPCA, I'm a total animal lover!
  • Way to spend my weekend: With my fabulous friends
  • Song: One Thing by One Direction. I'm still in my 1D fan phase!
  • Band: One Direction of course!
  • Singer: Katy Perry
  • Movie: I loved the take on Snow White in Mirror Mirror
  • TV Show: iCarly. I'm a huge Miranda Cosgrove fan!
  • Cupcake topping: Pink icing with sprinkles
  • Holiday Destination: A tropical island
  • Celeb: Selena Gomez
  • Celeb Crush: Louis from One Direction
  • Season: Summer, because it reminds me of school holidays spent with my friends.
  • Day of the week: Monday, back to school to see everyone I didn't get to catch up with over the weekend.
  • Thing to wear: Scarves in every colour, they really help to brighten up those chilly, winter days!
Singing 1D Karaoke under a purple disco ball!
Singing 1D karaoke under a purple disco ball!


  1. 8 Kennedy 12 Jun
    OMG like 9/10 things on you FAV list was mine! I wish i could totaly hang out with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 7 Dominique 15 Jun
    Hi Jessie,
    My name's Dominique,
    Your so like me!
    On my fave things everything that you said was just like me your like my twin,
    How old are you and which school do you go to?
    Lots Luv,
    Call me Dommy
  3. 6 Jessie space 25 Jun
    I am 11 and a go to a school called villa Montana 
  4. 5 Emma 26 Jun
    Hi, I love everything you love apart from Mondays!!! I love reading about your adventures parties families and everything. I absolutely love cupcakes!!!
  5. 4 Izma 11 Jul
    hey ...I'm new on this website and I d'ont know who Jessie REALLy is. BTW call me Izzy :)
  6. 3 kasey 12 Jul
    10/10 thats what i rate u
  7. 2 Mohini 16 Jul
    Hi my name is Mohini. We are little different because I don't like 1D songs (no effence).
  8. 1 Georgia 02 Sep
    I like those things aswell!! We are so alike <3
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