My 2014 Resolutions

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi TGs!

Ta da! It's my first blog of 2014! 

How was your New Years Eve?

Mine was ah-mazing and super crazy! We caught the train to the city to watch the fireworks with a few other families (friends of my parents). We found a park and had a picnic (BBQ chicken rolls, yum!) and there was an ice-cream van so we had soft-serve for dessert. I was sooo full!

All the kids were playing tip and stuff which was so much fun. I was getting pretty tired (we never stay up this late!) but then the fireworks started, so we all rushed back to the picnic blankets to watch them with our families. They are so beautiful! I couldn't stop staring at them!

Then my sister dragged me away to do my New Years' resolutions, something we had promised each other we'd do at midnight.

Hers were:

  1. Walk Cotton more
  2. Do her homework as soon as she gets home from school
  3. Learn to dance on her toes at ballet (there's a fancy name for it, but I can't remember what she said)

Mine were:

  1. Spend more time baking with Mum (there's sooo much I want to learn)
  2. Try not to jump to conclusions (remember the whole Angie drama?)
  3. Walk Cotton more

Poor Cotton! She's going to be super tired this year from all the walking!

What are your New Years' resolutions TGs?

Love and new beginnings
Jessie xx


  1. 21 Alexandria 03 Jan
    My new resolution is to get a good netball team 
  2. 20 chloe 03 Jan

    hi Jessie, I love dogs just like u and I have a dog called holly.

    I also love one direction and went to there concert last year.

  3. 19 Jorja 03 Jan
    Hi Jessie how do I start my own blog like yours?
  4. 18 Tori-lee 03 Jan
    Hi Jessie!
    mine are
    1. Get an A on a math test
    2. Get honours on my dance exams
    3. Play outside more
  5. 17 Georgia R.P 03 Jan
    Mine are : to exercise more ,do my homework more ,walk Bella ( my dog ) more , concentrate on school work .
  6. 16 Sienna 04 Jan
    Hi Jessie my name is Sienna and I am 10. From the 29th till 1st we stayed at a farm with goats in our backyard. There were 2 cute dogs which are Bentley and Macca. They have a kitten called Minksy. Macca had meals with us every time he was well behaved but Bentley had to go somewhere else because he was too exited about the food. We collected eggs from the henhouse and I rode a pony called Henry. We went to a place where we fed and touched the RAYS AND SHARKS! On new year I went to go Dolphin Watching!!!!! We found so many dolphins and we sat in a net in the water while we were pulled by the boat. We went in the spa at night while we watched a movie. 
  7. 15 Charlotte 04 Jan
    My new year's resolution is to do more studying so I can get in the top three percent in my maths test rather than in the top six percent which I got last year.
  8. 14 Jessie 05 Jan
    My New years resolutions:
    Learn my ballet
    Get all A's on my report card
    See my friends that are not in my school

    Happy New Year everyone!
  9. 13 Sophie 05 Jan
    Hi Jessie!
     My name is Sophie and I'm ten years old. I totally LOVE your blog it's amazeballs!
    Can't wait for your next blog post!
    Love Sophie
  10. 12 Leah 05 Jan
    Hi Jessie! I Looove Your Blog! Its like my favourite part of total girl! I'm 10 and I know my cousin loves your blog too! ♥
  11. 11 maddi 06 Jan
    Yo. I'm maddi and my new years resolution is.

    1)Getter Better Grades

    I Love One Direction
  12. 10 sophie 07 Jan
    hi Jessie,
    I'm Sophie, I'm ten years old (I'm almost eleven) and I  absolutely love your blog. whenever I get to a total girl magazine, I flick straight to Jessie's space :D. my new years resolutions are :
    1. helping around with my younger siblings more often
    2.  focus more on my school work
    3. and spend more time reading total girl
    thanks Jessie :D,
  13. 9 Naomi 07 Jan
    My New year resolutions are:
    1. Get better grades
    2. Be a better swimmer
    i love reading your blog Jessie
  14. 8 Abbey 10 Jan
    Hi Jessie i am such a fan😍
    my New Years resolutions are 1. To help mum and dad more around the house 2. Do more of my homework and to get every edition of T G😜
  15. 7 TotalGirl93 11 Jan
    Cool! My main one is to listen and obey my 'rents more... That's important right??? 0=)
  16. 6 Eleanor 11 Jan
    Hi Jessie I love reading your blogs!! I moved over to Oz at the end of 2013 from England 🇬🇧.
    My New Years resolutions are:
    1. Make as many new friends as I can.
    2. Get every issue of TG
    3. Spend more time with my dogs.   

    I am 9 years old I'm nearly ten. I know my friend loves TG too! 👭
  17. 5 Nicole 12 Jan
    Hi Jessie!I love your Blog Posts! Thank You...Happy 2014

    My New Year's Resolutions are:
    1.Be more friendly
    2.Study HARDER
    3.Be a totally DIRECTIONER
    4.Be happy always =))
  18. 4 abby 12 Jan
    hi jessie 
    this year i am year six my resolution is to work more on studies and spend more time with my family
    because i love them
  19. 3 Shrija 13 Jan
    Hi Jessie,
    My Resolutions are:
    1.To read more books on my Kindle
    2.To do more Homework
    I love your blog Jessie!!
  20. 2 tia 15 Mar


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