Merry Christmas!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi TGs!

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve already and I'm only posting my Christmas message now! I've been sooo busy with our huge Christmas play, it turned out to be a massive success (I still can't quite believe it).

My crazy Christmas play!
How funny is my crazy Christmas play costume?

Thank you sooo much to everyone for your super kind Christmas comments. Totally same to you guys! I hope everyone has a really wonderful Christmas day, and you get the pressies you wanted.

Although, it's not really about pressies I think. Recently my grandad was pretty sick and we were all really worried about him. He's okay now, but it's made me feel really grateful that we can all be together at Christmas lunch.

Anyway, from Mum, Dad, my sis, Cotton and me, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TOTAL GIRLS!

I can't wait to keep blogging next year. Keep commenting, I still read every single one.

Love and mince pies
Jessie xx


  1. 15 Emma 24 Dec
    My Grandpa is very sick too and that is why this Christmas is very sad. Anywho have a very merry Christmas TG'S AND AN AWESOME New Year.
  2. 14 Olivia 24 Dec
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!! Your blog is sooo cool!!!!! I wish my school blog was as cool as yours. OMTG tommorrow is christmas I'm so excited!!!! what about you? Christmas lunch is at ours tommorrow so we have been cleaning and preparing the house, tables, the backyard and food, it's tiring!!!!!!
    Bye bye Olivia
  3. 13 Gabster 26 Dec
    Your coustume is super cool I love Christmas  because family comes out and Santa and I got a iPhone 3 and a ps2 yeah and la de da dolls It was awesome what did you get ps.happy new year
  4. 12 miesha 26 Dec
    merrie xmas jessie i hope you have a safe and happy new year from tg reader miesha
  5. 11 Keely 26 Dec
    Merry christmas Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 10 Keely 26 Dec
    Merry christmas Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 9 Sienna 26 Dec
    Hi Jessie I hope you had an awesome Christmas. Can I please be your friend. I read every single time you post something and I never miss one there great when Im bored.
  8. 8 natasha 27 Dec
    Hey Jessie!
    i just want to say hi.I also have a question: what have you been doing these summer holidays?
    just wondering anyway. I went to Isreal and Germany. I love reading your blog! It's awesome!
    oh my planes here gotta go now.
    love Natasha
  9. 7 darcy 27 Dec
  10. 6 chloe 29 Dec
    I really enjoy reading Jessie's Space, I agree with you Jessie that Christmas isn't just about getting presents. But it is also catching up with loved ones and other people you know. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.
  11. 5 Anise 01 Jan
    I hope you had a great Christmas Jessie. I hope you got what you wanted. 
  12. 4 Amber 07 Jan
    Hi Jessie I hope you have a fantastic start to 2014 your costumes look great
  13. 3 Alana 21 Jan
    I can't wait till the next Jessie's space!!! I love them!
  14. 2 Jemma 28 Jan
    Christmas was so much fun love u Jessie your blog it is the best
  15. 1 Jane 09 Feb 09 Feb
    wow! Jessie love those costumes they look great on you you should were it more often ha ha:)


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