Last Term of 2013!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
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Hey Total Girls!

Hope everyone is as happy to be back at school as I am!

As much as it sounds crazy, I really missed my friends! Don't get me wrong, I love having time off school and it was pretty fun having the extra time to spend with Mum and also with Cotton, but I was starting to get bored around the house.  

It turns out that while we're at school Mum has LOADS to do! She cleans up what she calls our 'breakfast mess' and then takes Cotton for his morning walk. She then does a big clean up of the house and if she gets a chance she does some gardening. By the time that Dad gets home she's well into cooking dinner for us all! I tried helping her but it was very tiring work! I've decided to help out around the house more so that Mum can find a little more time to herself. 

Holly and I were also really lucky and got to go and visit our cousins - it was really fun! We got to do loads of fun DIY stuff because they're really creative. We made a bird feeder and some jewellery.

Can you believe the school holidays are over, how is everyone's first week back at school going?

Talk to you soon!
Jessie xx

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