Jessie: Fashion tips

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hey TGs,

It's the school holidays! Yay! I'm sooo excited! I love school, but I also love having some time to relax and do fun things. My BFFs and I spent the last week of school organising what we would do every day of the holidays, but we forgot to ask for permission and when we finally did our parents said it was important to spend some time with our siblings and them too, so we can't spend every day together. That's okay though because I'm pretty excited to spend some quality time with Cotton. This morning he came into my room and jumped on my bed and licked my face until I woke up! He's so cheeky! We're going on a big walk today, but because it's so cold we really have to rug up. It's pretty great actually because I get to put all the fashion tips I learned at TGHQ into practice. Here are a few things I learned.

Layers are lovely
Lattitia, the amazing fashion stylist at Total Girl taught me that you don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the cooler months, simply wear a pair of pretty patterned stockings or leggings under your fave summer dress. Add a cardigan and jacket over it and you're good to go.

Jessie's Winter Fashion Tips

Plastic fantastic

The girls at TGHQ love gumboots, so rather than wearing normal shoes when it's wet weather, get out your pair of gumboots and keep your feet dry. Mum just got me a pair of really pretty red polka dot ones! They're sooo cute!

More is more
It's cold out so before you run out of the house, don't forget to pop on a scarf, gloves, and a beanie to complete your winter outfit.



  1. 32 Lara 29 Jun
    Another great winter look is to just pop on a long sleeve top with a fave summer top over it and choose some cute shorts and leggings under, after that go and grab your fave shoes and you are totts complete.
  2. 31 rosana 29 Jun
    hi jessie sounds like your goin to have fun !! love rosana xx
  3. 30 Kaitlyn 29 Jun
    Hey Jessie. You are so awesome and you are what makes TG stand out. xxx
  4. 29 Amy 29 Jun
    I love Jessie see so pretty 
  5. 28 Nada 29 Jun
    Hi I'm 11 I love your space and I'm. Obsessed with Taylor Swift selena gomez miley Cyrus , demi lovato and One Direction I got a new Louis teddy bear and also a LOVE TG
  6. 27 Madi 30 Jun
  7. 26 Kula 30 Jun
    Hi Jessie I love your blog and I love Cotton
  8. 25 Judy 02 Jul
    Hey Jessie, Cotton is soooooooooooo cute!
  9. 24 Rhiannon 03 Jul
    Hey Jessie!
    I'm 12 and I love your blog!! I'ts amazing, and I cant stop reading it! I wish I was you, because your life is amazing!! Love your biggest fan, Rhiannon xo
  10. 23 Bonnie 04 Jul
    Hi Jessie 
    I am bonnie I am 10. I just love your blog it is so so so awesome I would read it everyday.
  11. 22 Molly 05 Jul
    hi jessie i feel like i am already your friend because i am so much like your friend molly i love food and my name is molly.
  12. 21 blythe 07 Jul
    Hi jessie!!!
                  My name is blythe.I'm 9.I like sport writting and art.I have a mum,dad and 2 anoying sissters!Georgias 7 and Emmas 5.I used to have 11 but Chealsea moved house so now I have 10 friens called Cassie,Abbie,Hannah,Ebony,Kimborly,Preety ,Phoebe and Mel!
  13. 20 Imogen 07 Jul
    Hey Jessie! U r totes the the highlight of the mag and the website! 😃. U r a 🌟❕My name is Imogen and I am eight years old and I also have that many BFFs I've lost count! Your BFFs must be lucky to have a friend like u!
  14. 19 Alyssa 07 Jul
    Hi Jessie, how are you? I love your blog it's my fave thing about the mag. I love Taylor swift do you?
  15. 18 emily 07 Jul
    Hi  Jessie's space I'm Emily, but you can call me, em. I really like the holidays as well and fashion stuff and also I really like your tips about fashion.
    hope you have fun Jessie in you school holidays write to me soon.

    Emily ooo
  16. 17 Melanie 08 Jul
    I love winter
    All you have to do is pop on your fav cloths and you're ready to go
    love You lots Total Girls
    xxx <3
  17. 16 Natalija 08 Jul
    i am so busy these holidays
  18. 15 Kate 09 Jul
    Hi Jessie!
    my name is kate and i am your biggest fan. i love reading jessies space. when i get my total girl mag from the shops the first thing i do is go to jessies space. i love 1d and you were so lucky to go and see them. i love these fashion tips! i am wearing a summer dress over winter clothes right now!
  19. 14 emily 10 Jul
    Hi Jessie's Space,

    I have got new mag and I love it

    Emily oo
  20. 13 haylee 10 Jul
    hi Jessie im your biggest fan ever xx
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