I'm Sick!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi guys,

Guess what? I'm sick! I was sneezing a lot and I thought it was hayfever but it didn't go away, it got worse and I ended up getting a really terrible cold! I've been home sick for a few days now and I hate it. My nose is blocked and then suddenly it gets really runny and I'm super tired all the time.

Jessie and her family!

Mum set up a TV in my room so I don't get bored and I've been in bed for what feels like forever. The good thing is that she's made me her yummy chicken noodle soup, it's my fave when I'm sick.

Anyways Mum says I have to get off the computer so I'll blog to you guys later! I can't wait to get better! 


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