I Went to One Direction!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hey TGs!

I know it's been a while since the concert but I cannot get over how good the One Direction concert was! Did any of you go? I went with Angie and Molly which was great because they're just as excited about the boy's concert as I was.

Jessie, Angie and Molly at One Direction!

On the lead up to the concert we listened to their songs non-stop and I tried collecting as many posters as possible to put up on my wall. We even made posters for the concert to hold up in the air!


On the day there were so many people there waiting in line but we were lucky enough to beat the majority of the crowd and got there early enough to score a spot near the front of the stage.

The concert has to be one of the best I've ever seen. I could even swear that Niall looked me in the eyes when he sung the lyrics "That's what makes you beautiful"... Or that could have just been my imagination, but hey! A girl can dream right? We even tried to wait for them afterwards at the back gate of the venue so they could sign our posters but unfortunately they zipped off in their fancy van before we got a chance. Molly says the boys were waving from inside the van though which is really sweet.

I can't wait until they come back to Oz!

Has anyone got tickets to the 2013 concert?



  1. 22 Brody 12 Jun
    Yo Jessie Wassup hope ya had a great time i didnt get to go i cant afford  it oh and btw your awesome type ya soon bye!
  2. 21 kate 12 Jun
    yes I have I am so so excited
  3. 20 Jessica 13 Jun
    Hey, Jessie You are soooooo lucky i haven't been to a real concert unless you coun't the Wiggles lol. Keep up with the awsome blog! Can't wait to here what you get up to next week!!! :) xx
  4. 19 TG9938 13 Jun
    WOW! So lucky if Niall DID look at you... SQUEEE!!!
  5. 18 Catrina 17 Jun
    OMG i love 1D you are so lucky
  6. 17 VeriTGy! 22 Jun
    Hi Jessie I've got 3!(Tickets!) So excited I've seen The Wiggles, Play School and San Cisco! So awesome! Lolz!

    Byez Vezzy!
  7. 16 Jamie Van Aardt 23 Jun
    Hi Jessie I wish I was u no I didn't get tickets to the concert but my older sis Michaela is there biggest fan I love Justin Bieber more. 
  8. 15 BELLA BOO 24 Jun
    i know you never reply to your comments but please give me some advice 

    i love 1D but my whole family hates them i have only seen them on TV  once and there voice was awsome i want to see them in concert or on TV another time

  9. 14 macey 28 Jun
    hi Jessie,

    you are so lucky that you went I like all of the 1D boys but my favourite would have to be Louis but they are all so cute and great singers!
  10. 13 Shiara 03 Jul
    I am really EXCITED because i got some for my birthday last yr and its in september so a few months i will be seeing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 12 Lara 06 Jul
    Hey Jessie, I tots love 1D there so awesome how was the concert and who is your fav out of them, bye xx
  12. 11 MIA 11 Jul
    i am going
  13. 10 Lucie 15 Jul
    Wow!!! You're so lucky.When my mum went online there was no more tickets. What??! 
    I love Jessie's Space, it's always full of exciting and fun stuff.
  14. 9 Shakira 20 Jul
    1d is cute i have been to 3 cozerts hahaha! i love harry styles xx
  15. 8 KkKaylana 21 Jul
    Hi Jessie you are so lucky that you got tickets but I can't win any :(. My fav is Louis omg  he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
  16. 7 miki 23 Jul
    hey jess,
    so cool. I went too!!!
  17. 6 shereena 23 Jul
    im might be going ive got 3 chances from coles
  18. 5 Sarah 03 Aug
    You Are SOOOOOOOO lucky!!
  19. 4 kristyn 04 Aug
    yes i have got tickets i am going to see them soon i cant wait!!!!!!!!
  20. 3 jess 08 Aug
    wow!  you guys are so lucky i wished i was there!!!
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