Holly Update

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey TGs

Thanks for your comments!

Last week, Mum and Holly met up with Holly's teacher and explained what had happened with her homework and PE uniform, plus how Holly was hating sitting at the back by herself.

Holly's teacher was super nice about everything, and said she had no idea that Holly was unhappy by herself. She said that next week one of the other students is moving to another class, and so there will be a desk available next to one of the boys that Holly has been friends with for ages.

The teacher said that it was terrible that Holly was feeling bullied, and that while she had only heard one side of the story, taking Holly's PE top wasn't right at all. She is going to speak to the mean girl next week and explain that she can't do things like that.

Holly was SO relieved. Before the meeting she was worried that telling the teacher would make it worse! 

I was waiting in the car, and after it was over Mum took us both out for gelato. I got strawberry and Holly had coconut, and they were both delicious. 

Mum said that Holly had done the right thing in telling her, and that sometimes friends let you down. It doesn't mean they're bad people, it just means that it's best not to rely on someone until you know them really well.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do, and did it work?



  1. 8 Isobel 22 May
    at least it was sorted out! It would have been horrible if it wasn't
  2. 7 Ella 23 May
     I am so sorry about your Holly and why was her PE top not right.

    Love Ella
  3. 6 Kayla 26 May
    YAYY! Now Holly can be happy!!!
  4. 5 Naomi 26 May
    Well done for sorting it out Holly!!!!!
  5. 4 Ava 30 May

    I am so sorry.







    love Ava

  6. 3 Coco 01 Jun
    Good job Holly! It was good that you told the teacher:)
  7. 2 Hagar 03 Jun
    I'm glad Holly got it all sorted out! :)
  8. 1 Luna 29 Aug
    Good Job Holly!
    Btw Tell Her i said Hi :3


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