Hello 2012!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Happy New Year TGs!

Just a few days in and I already feel like 2012 is going to be a great year! Not only has it so far been filled with sunshine, friends and family, I've also made really exciting New Year's resolutions. I made sure to write them here down so I won't forget them:

1. Spend more time with Cotton - I'm aiming for two walks a day!

2. Do more charity work.

3. Make a new friend.

So now I've told you mine, it's your turn to share your resolutions. Write to me in the comments box below!

Oh, and I'm lovin' this awesome duo by Stan Walker and Jess Mauboy at the moment.


  1. 24 kate 20 Jun
    i love reading tg i usually get it from the library OMTG!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 23 emily-beth 22 Jun
    i love Jesseis space its so cool
  3. 22 Alicia 22 Jun
    I know right Jessie, its totally fabulous. 
  4. 21 ella 24 Jun
    hi TG'S I love talking to you do you know that your the best writer in the world forgirls
  5. 20 BELLA BOO 24 Jun
    went are you doing the next blog
       (; (: (: (: (: (: (: 
     love you xxxxxooooo
  6. 19 Cara 29 Jun
    Hey Jessie!
    How are you? Anyways, I really love your blog and I never miss out a word you say. I love Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande! Who's your fave singer??                    Xox Cara :)
  7. 18 lilly 30 Jun
    so awesome like want to go 
  8. 17 talaya 01 Jul
    same omg i love them
  9. 16 Isla 04 Jul
    Hi Jessie!
    I'm Isla.
    How do you get the photo's to be cartoons???? 
    I have this really adorbs budgie named Mello!
    It's full name is Mello Yellow Gainfort!
    Isla :)

  10. 15 Lucie 04 Jul
    Hi  I'm Lucie my friends call me Duckie
    these are my goals :
    1. walk my dog millie more
    2. Learn to canter on my horse 
    3. Make 2 new friends

  11. 14 kayla 05 Jul
  12. 13 Chloe 05 Jul
    Hi, I am Chloe. Love to dance it is my life!!! Every time I get a new Total Girl the first thing I open is your blog. I looove Total Girl!!!!!
  13. 12 Bella 07 Jul
    My new year tip is to always be nice
  14. 11 Scarlett 07 Jul
    I love your blog it is soooooooooooooooooo cool. My fave celeb is Selena Gomez.
  15. 10 Tiana 11 Jul
    I love all duo's because ther's not one but TWO awesome people singing...togher!
  16. 9 kayla 13 Jul
  17. 8 Cara 14 Jul
    Hey Jessie! I just LOVE your blog! I find all of your adventures so ah-mazing :D I read every single word of your blog your so lucky to have one! A couple of weeks ago we went to Perth. We starting to shop right away when we got there! I got such awesome clothes and they are Ah-mazing!
    Have a great day ~ Cara :DD
  18. 7 Emma 16 Jul
    How long have you been in total girl for
  19. 6 jess 23 Jul
    hi Jessie
    I only just realised that you were a real person
    id really like to know the TG email can you tell me what it is
    kind regards
    yours and TG's #1 fan
  20. 5 Abigail 30 Jul
    hi Jessie
    i'm a big fan of TG mags and just to tell you that i am a newby to this webstite

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