Cya School Holidays!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey TGs

How are you all?

I can't believe the school holidays are over, I'm sooo sad. We got home from camping on Sunday night (after waiting in traffic for like THREE hours) and then it was back to school the next day!

Camping was awesome. It only rained on two days, and we were able to swim most days too. The only bad thing was on Thursday Cotton somehow got loose, and we spent all afternoon walking around calling her. I was sooo worried about her (she's totally a city dog) and it was so hard not to cry. People kept looking at Holly and I strangely, but I suppose 'Cotton' is a weird name for a dog. It would be like seeing someone walking around yelling,

"Wool! Wool! Where are you, Wool?"

Eventually we spotted Cotton eating out of another camper's dog's bowl. She was covered in mud, but otherwise totally happy. We were SO relieved!


Total Girl: Jessie's Blog. 'Cotton & I on Easter Sunday!'
Cotton and I on Easter Sunday (before she got lost and covered in mud, LOL)


On Monday it was so awesome to see Cass, Dora, Angie and all the girls, plus I was even a little glad to see Mr James. Cass went to Bali over the break and came back with like a hundred braids over her whole head! She looks amazing! She says that for the first few nights it was really hard to sleep because they were super tight, but now she forgets they're even there.

Dora didn't go away, but spent ages with Pluto and her fam. She's the only one of us with any chocolate left, because apparently on Easter Sunday she got into a massive fight with her brother and her parents confiscated all their chocolate. They have to do chores to win it back. She's so not happy.

Angie stayed with her aunty on the Central Coast and said she was sooo bored the whole time. Apparently her parents were doing some renovations on their house and didn't want Ange there! It's pretty funny, but she doesn't think so.

What did you guys get up to over the break? I loved all your comments, thank you!!!



  1. 8 Mohini 02 May
    Hi Jessie. I did not do much during the summer!?!  Yesterday I went to see The Amazing Spider Man 2. It was soo good!!

    Love Mohini
  2. 7 Jessica 03 May
    Cool i had a good holiday to ttyl.
    PS jessi your so cool
  3. 6 Caitlin 04 May
    I went to Thailand!
  4. 5 Fleur 04 May
    DId you have a nice Easter?
    Love Fleur
  5. 4 Naomi 06 May
    How many eater eggs did you find
  6. 3 Kate 14 May
  7. 2 Tarran 02 Aug
    wow jess
    id feel so sad if I lost my pet Oscar well we call Oscar fluffy as a nick name
  8. 1 Shazza 07 Jul
    My dogs name is Cotton and it looks exactly like your dog! LOL


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