Cotton's New Friend!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey Total Girls!

Are you loving the latest issue of the mag? I wrote a super long post  in it that you have to read!

The cutest/coolest thing happened yesterday. After school, Mum, Holly and I took Cotton for a walk to the park. It had been weird and stormy all day, so we ducked out quickly while the rain held off.

When we got to the dog park, I let Cotton off her leash because she loves running around. Mum threw a ball for her for a while, and then she just wandered around smelling stuff and generally doing her doggy thing. 

A few minutes later, she spotted another dog (who was about half her size) across the park, and she was off like a shot! She streaked across the park, barking like CRAZY. I took off at a run after her because I thought she was going to bite the other dog or something!

When the other dog saw Cotton, she got super excited and started running towards her too. They reached each other waaay before I got there, but before I could even yell at them to stop, they were jumping all over each other, totally out of their minds with happiness!

It was like they were soul puppy brothers or something!

The other dog's owner was rushing over too, and we both reached the dogs at the same time, and you'll never believe who it was!

Okay so I'll tell you - it was Dora, the new girl who started at school a couple of weeks ago!

Her dog is called Pluto and it's sooo cute. She and Cotton were honestly like instant BDFs (best doggy friends) and when Mum called me to leave it nearly broke my heart separating them!

Dora and I chatted heaps while the dogs were playing, and she told me she's feeling way more settle in to school and stuff. She has an older brother who's at a different school and also found it hard at first. 

Dora said her birthday is coming up and she's thinking of having a party, so she can invite all the new people she's met since she moved here. I think that's a great idea!

What do you think TGs? What are your tips for people who have to move schools?

Jessie xx


  1. 8 Georgia 28 Mar
    Omg I bet shel invite you bee the way Ty best tips are don't worry you'll have a great time and make new friends 
  2. 7 maddi 29 Mar
    YAY cotton!!! I'm so happy Dora has found friends. Especially an amazing one (you!)

    Hope you year keeps getting better!!
  3. 6 taylah 31 Mar
    hay everyone I love to blog a lot I think that's why I got Jessie's space I just love reading the story's
     and everything it is the best
  4. 5 ashleigh 01 Apr
    that is super cute!
  5. 4 Jasmine 02 Apr
    I have not got the mag yet but I think Cotten 
    will have a great new friend
  6. 3 linlee 07 Apr
    I think they will make a great pair 
  7. 2 Abigail 07 Apr
    Hi I'm Abigail and I totally like your blog I wish I was you and I'm in grade7 must go bye <3
  8. 1 Naomi 07 Apr
    Hi Jessie , Those two are great together


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