Broken Leg Blues

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey TGs,

How are you? I'm writing to you from my room while all my friends are out enjoying the sunshine. I'm feeling a little gloomy because I've broken my leg and aside from being really sore, it also means I don't get to do as much as I wanted over these school holidays.
I had big plans to go to the brand-new Trampoline Land that opened near the local shops; I also wanted to continue dance classes.

It's pretty funny actually, because I was just complaining the other day about having too much on. Now I'm sooo bored! Check out my before/after pics:

Total Girl: Jessie's Blog. Pic: before and after I broke my leg!

The only good thing about breaking your leg is that you get to pick the colour of the cast, I chose pink because it's a bright and happy colour. All my friends and lots of kids from school signed the cast before we went on school holidays. I can't believe I have to leave it on for a few weeks. It's pretty gross when you think about it.

Have any of you guys ever broken a bone? If so what did you do to beat boredom while you were stuck indoors?


P.S. For more about my Broken Leg Blues, check out July TG. The TG team were sooo sweet when I told them!


  1. 29 Georgia R.P 03 Jul
    I have NEVER brocken a bone but i do know some boredom busters : 1 bring your friends over and do some make overs also while there there do a taste testing contest , weel barrow race ( you stay in your weel chair they hop into a weel barrow ) , and when there gone just chill with your family and watch some television .
  2. 28 Summer 03 Jul
    Hi Jessie it's Summer again,
    I haven't broken a bone before but I've been grounded before. When I was grounded I had to stay indoors, so what I did was watch a movie, play games in my bedroom, go on Total Girl, watch TV and sing and dance.
    From Summer =-) 
  3. 27 Spaz001 03 Jul
    OMTG, I am so sorry!  Trampline land sounded so much fun! 
    Get well soon,
  4. 26 Spaz001 03 Jul
    OMTG, I am so sorry!  Trampline land sounded so much fun! 
    Get well soon,
  5. 25 Naomi 03 Jul
    Are you OK. Hope you get better soon.
  6. 24 Keely 03 Jul
    you could invite your friends for a sleepover or watch a movie with your family.
  7. 23 Tahna-Leha 04 Jul
    Oh sweaty! i hope you get better soon!
  8. 22 Kayley 05 Jul
    Oh poor you, I haven't broken a bone. Anyways I do dancing too and I was wondering what dance classes you do because in the photo it looks like you do point. Hope your leg gets better 
  9. 21 taylor 06 Jul
    oh dear I have never broken a bone. I agree trampoline land sounds like fun
  10. 20 Celine 06 Jul
    Iv never broken a bone but if you think a casts bad think of a brace! Not like braces for your mouth but a brace kids with scoliosis wear. I just got one so I wear it for a few hours a day but eventually I'll be wearing it 22hours a day. And that's for 2-3 years!
  11. 19 natasha 06 Jul
    hi Jessie I just want to give you a six fun tips

    *invite your friends over for a sleep over and give each other make overs
    *read magazines in bed(TOTAL GIRL of course)
    *go outside sit down and if you have a pet watch it run around and teach it new tricks (while your sitting down)
    *go on your laptop and keep in touch with friends(emailing people),and go on the total girl website
    *  eat breakfast in bed 
    *last of all watch TV
  12. 18 NATASHA 06 Jul
    get better soon. I hope you enjoyed my my fun six tips
  14. 16 Brooke 08 Jul
    Get better soon. I hope I will be your friend one day.
  15. 15 Clarissa 08 Jul
    Hi Jessie, this is my first time typing to you.
    Hope you get better. Lots of my friends have breaks.
    Tell the team that I'm their NUMBER 1 FAN.
    Bye !!!!
  16. 14 Willow 09 Jul
    Hi Jessie!
     I'm Willow, but you can call me Spinj. ;)
     I'm really sorry about your broken leg!! I hope that it gets better soon. :( I nearly broke both my wrists doing martial arts.
     Boredom Blues? I can fix that easy. 
     1. I like getting some pencils, a black pen, and textas. I then draw an outline with a pencil, go over the pencil with the black pen, and then colour it in with textas. It's a great way to get good at anime drawing.
     2. Read a Really, REALLY good book. I love to read the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and fan fictions. Perhaps you could research everything about a book series and become, say "Nerd of Harry Potter." You see, last year I became really bored, and began researching LEGO Ninjago. I then became the self proclaimed Nerd of Ninjago. :P
     3. Write a book. Challenge some of your friends to a writing challenge, and and see who can write the best story within a month. 

    I hope that this helps. Let me know what happens!!
     Catch you later!! :D
  17. 13 Xanthe 12 Jul
    OMTG that must be horrible to break your leg a good Bordem buster is invite some friends over and you might play some games with them or have a movie marathon 
    so sorry u broke your leg
  18. 12 kyoko 12 Jul
    I have never broken an bone so I really tell I can't really tell what is like! but it is my first time on your blog 
  19. 11 Amy 13 Jul
    hi it sounds like you  ant having much fun. like others have said watch tv it helps louds
    love your blog Jessie and keep it up
  20. 10 Hi you don't sound very well. Get better soon 15 Jul
    Hope you get well soon


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