Broken Leg: Back To School

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hey girls!

Hope you're not too sad about going back to school! Although I was pretty miserable at times with my broken leg, winter holidays are definitely the best time to stay inside!

Thanks for all your amazing advice. I watched loads of TV and drank hot chocolate, yum. 

Georgia, I made a taste testing game by baking different flavours of cupcakes and muffins with Mum. Cass, Dora and Jane all came over, we put blindfolds on and then tasted slices of each flavour and had to guess!

Even though I baked them, Jane guessed the most correctly, LOL. I should definitely pay more attention to what I'm doing.

This week we went back to school. Mr James is the same as ever, and I'm really noticing how freezing the classrooms are first thing in the morning! My leg hurts the most then, except for when I bump it trying to get around school on crutches.

People have been super helpful, but I still can't wait to get this cast off. I'll never, ever, ever forget to be grateful for how lucky I am to be happy and healthy again!

Jessie xx


  1. 28 Willow 23 Jul
    Hey Jessie!

     I like doing school, so going back isn't too annoying for me, especially since I'm Homeschooled. =P
     Well, I hope that your cast comes off soon, and then you'll have more freedom to move about!

    Catch you later! :D
  2. 27 Christina 26 Jul
    Hi Jessie,
    I love reading about you in TG's awesome magazine. 
    I know what it feels like to have a cast on my leg. I had to miss a pool party because my leg was also broken!:(
    Anyway, I hope you feel better and get to go to parties without a nasty cast. 

    P.S. I had a pink cast! Oh and can I sign yours?:)
  3. 26 Anjelena.S 27 Jul
    Hi Jessie
    I know how you feel about winter. It's definitely too cold to go outside! And even though I don't like school very much, I sure am glad to get back.
    Have a good new semester, Jessie!
    See you later,
    Anjelena ;)
  4. 25 Jessie 30 Jul
    Hey jessie!
    we've got the same name and the same cast =)
  5. 24 Matilda 30 Jul
    Hi jessie
    on Monday I had my foot taped 
    up (loooooonnnnnggggg story)
    i love school but I don't like maths!
    i am 10.  How old are you?

    From tilly
  6. 23 Tarran 02 Aug
    hi jess
    I hope your out of the cast id hate it if I could not do my sports because I had a broken leg .
  7. 22 kyoko 09 Aug
    i feel sorry for you with a broken leg because that will mean you can not do sport. well if you are like me and love sport i feel extra sorry for you.:( 
  8. 21 Sienna 10 Aug
    Hey Jessie hope you get your cast off soon. I like school because I get to hang out with my friends but something I definitely do not like about school is obviously HOMEWORK. Hope you feel better.
  9. 20 Georgia R.P 01 Sep
    That's great that you got your cast off , mmm how we're the cupcakes Jessie ? 
  10. 19 Georgia R.P 01 Sep
    Sorry if u didn't get your cast off its pretty late and I'm falling asleep :( 💤💤💤
  11. 18 Tracey 02 Oct
    I hope you feel better soon
  12. 17 martrese .h 02 Oct
    I'm feeling so sorry about your leg hope you get better soon :*
  13. 16 Livi ### 05 Sep
     I feel so sorry about your leg:(. Did you have crutches? I know they get in the way so do casts.

    Our teacher fell down the stairs and broke her leg. She had crutches they ALWAYS fell down and went CRASH!!!
    Eventually her leg got better her cast got removed on the 8,7,15.
  14. 15 Charli 17 Nov
    I know how it feels to break a bone as I have dislocated my finger, broken my collar bone and shattered my wrist.
  15. 14 Brianna 18 Dec
    my friend she got a broken arm on the arm she writes with
  16. 13 Sidda 20 Dec
    How's it going
  17. 12 Cass 15 Jan
    Ive Had A Broken Ankle,And it sucks #sucks
  18. 11 Sophie S 26 Jan
    Hi Jessie
    Im soooooo sorry you broke your leg. It must of hurt so much. Hopefully it will get better soon!
    From Sophie
  19. 10 Jessie 16 May
    Hey jess!! 
    I had to be put in cast for three months and just got out two on my arms and one on my foot from dancing long long story.I love reading you in TG and seeing your fun  aventures too!! 
    My name is Jessie to and some of your stories are kind of the same to mine.
    i have all the TG mags and never miss one I try to win  competitions but never worked.
    i write my own stories like you have you have inspired me to write a lot about my own life to tell and show people what I can do.
  20. 9 paige 27 Jun
    hey Jessie

    i love your blog an  i love school too and all the way back in kindergarten i got a trophy for being the best student i hope your cast comes off  soon. i have never had a cast before but i have seen people who have and it really hurts anyway i hope you gt better soon

    p.s keep writing and eploring


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