Angie Update

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014
Hi guys,

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and advice about my sitch with Angie. It's been super helpful. Since my last blog, things have gotten a bit better. It's been so tough but it's also really great to have your support and the support of my friends and family.

Cass, Jane and Molly have been super supportive and have been hanging out with me after school and Catherine came with me a couple of times to walk Cotton. It's good to know your friends will be there for you when you need them.

As for Angie, she's still being hanging out with Brenda and her friends. I'm not really angry at her anymore I'm more upset to lose a friend but hopefully we can sort things out soon. 

It sounds like heaps of you guys have had similar stuff happen to you too. I hope it's getting sorted out!

Anyways I've got to go help Mum make dinner.

Talk soon!


  1. 14 Keely 16 Aug
    Thats so cool Jessie I hope everything goes well with u and Angie TTYL
  2. 13 Darcy 16 Aug
    hey Jessie, I love your jessie space thing it's so cool , sorry gotta go now
  3. 12 Joanne 18 Aug
    HEY Jessie i hope your not too sad you lost a friend
  4. 11 Alisha 18 Aug
    Hey, Jessie
    I hope everything with Angie gets sorted out soon. How sad for you!
    I know what its like to lose a friend. But hey, you have lots of other friends
    that mean the world! <3
  5. 10 Fatema 18 Aug
    Hi Jessie,
    Glad all the TG gurls could help!
    And yes it has happend to ne before so yeah 
    I kind of know what is going on here..
  6. 9 Ashlyn 18 Aug
    hello i am new to this total girl but i love it

    mum's nearly here gotta go but remember i will always love total girl see ya!!!!
  7. 8 Lily 18 Aug
    Hi Jessie! My name is Lily and I love mermaids and drawing!

    Love lily xoxo
  8. 7 Karen 20 Aug
    I think that Brenda is just jealous about Angie being so nice. Besides you have many other friends.       Karen
  9. 6 MoxieGirl93 20 Aug
    Hey Jessie, it's great you're not mad anymore even though I would be. I think it'd totally help if you asked her what was going on and how things were doing. Maybe she'd tell you what she's been going through! Hope you get back together <3 =D
  10. 5 Ruby 21 Aug
    Hi Jessie 
    i love reading Jessie's space.
    it's so cool.
  11. 4 Amanda 21 Aug
    Heyy TG and Jessie
    it's been a horrible week this week
    my best friend ditch me for the second time this term!
    I have  1 friend now :'( 
    PLZ help me!!!

    Love from Amanda 
  12. 3 aisha 22 Aug
    hi Jessie
    i love your page i read your page a lot and i love it bye .
  13. 2 Sarah 01 Sep
    Hi Jessie,I have a photo to show,but I lost it! I hope you don't mind if I draw it! Anyhoo, the photo is of me and my two friend,Erika and Sienna! Love from the best,Sarah!:)
  14. 1 Sarah 01 Sep
    I can't believe it's the 1st day of spring! Jessie,what's your fave thing about spring? Love from the best,Sarah:):I:$:0:><:•_••_•
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