3 Days 'Til The Holidays!

by Jessie | Oct 14, 2014

Hey TGs!

OMTG this term has gone on FOREVER. I can't believe how different it feels in the last week of term, compared to the terrifying first days!

I love the last days of term, because everyone is in the BEST mood and teacher's let us get away with doing way less work!

Everyone is getting super excited for Easter (CHOCOLATE! HOT CROSS BUNS!) and I'm super psyched for sleep-ins. This term, between gymnastics, helping at the animal shelter, the school newspaper and the crazy amounts of homework that Mr James sets, I feel like I've been tired every day!

Dora and I have been on two more walks, and Cotton and Pluto are still total BDFs. We asked Cass along too the other day, and ended up having a HUGE chat about how much homework Mr James gives compared to all the other classes in our grade.

For my sister's birthday (we had her party about a month ago, I don't know if you remember?) she asked to go to a movie, so finally last weekend we went to The LEGO Movie. It was sooo funny, have you seen it?

The coolest thing was after we got home, Holly's friend Jen showed us a website where you can LEGO-ify yourself, then star in The LEGO Movie trailer! Check mine out!  

Okay so it sounds like I'm a guy, but it's still pretty funny, right?
Want to make your own LEGO trailer? Go here: Put Yourself In The LEGO Movie.

Everything is awesome!

Jessie xx


  1. 10 Georgia 08 Apr
    aww totes not fair ( not aloud to go to cinnamas ) im gonna make a lego me .
  2. 9 Sienna 08 Apr
    Hi Jessie  I have not commented in a long time but great trailer I am so glad at the end your teacher was not that bad. P.s I am so glad term 1 nearly finishes which means no work.
  3. 8 Francesca 09 Apr
    he he he we had no homework the last day of the term, our teacher after lunch put music on and got chess, twister, logo game ..... IT WAS AWESOME, then me and my friends made a concert and all of the boys were sitting down in chairs watching us.... lol
  4. 7 Jessica 17 Apr
    I'm gonna see The Lego Movie! I heard it's gonna be real good! 
  5. 6 Jessie 19 Apr
    Hi Jessie! It so cool we have the same name!!! I <3 your blog because you're amaze balls!! haha ur very awesome and u have fun friends! I hope u liked the lego movie!
  6. 5 Jessica 20 Apr
  7. 4 Jessi 21 Apr
    I put myself in the trailer! SO COOL!
  8. 3 Brooke 21 Apr
    I've seen the lego movie plus your trailer is better.
    From brooke
  9. 2 catalina 17 May
    LOL that's so funny
  10. 1 Sophie 22 Dec
    Hi Jessie! I love your blog! I put myself in the trailer and it was so funny LOL 😂😜
    From Sophie❤️


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