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I would like to shout out to my best friend jaehlah - addison Hey TG, i just adore your mags, keep up your amazing effort! - Emilia I want to shout out why don't we for their amazing work and i just want to say they have changed my lives ever since 2020 began. I can't wait for what they have in the future for us fans but tbh i'am not a huge fan i'am just in it for the music and their love. - roro Hi TG i love your mags can't wait till I get the next one tomorrow - Piper Thanks for the great mags!! - Pollyanna Hey who ever is reading this I hope you have an AMAZING day. stay safe happy and healthy. YAY YAY its only 310 days until Christmas - Lola Hey y’all how r u shout out to my besties - Zoe shout out to the creators of total girl magazine you bring me joy!! :) - charlotte Hey TG! I entered one of ur comps and can't wait to c if i won! I'm reading the issue about Addison right now and it's great :) - Anastasia This is a shout out to a person named Isabel who asked if there are any BTS Fans here. Hi Isabel- I don't like BTS but I know a friend who does. - S

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