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I have never read a mag so good 😊 i never get bored of reading them. - Poppy Shout out to my cute emotion octopus and my sister! - Aadya I literally ❤️ Total Girl!!! - Lulu Just wanted to say thx to my bff's Darcy Maisy Milly and Jorja 💖 - Ada Never stop making your mags! - Manon Hi I love total girl I just got a new book - Poppy Love the 💓 - Amy I love my Mum!! - Ava Hey Total Girl, I love your mags they are so entertaining and fun! 🤩 - Winter Hi Tg!🙂 I just wanted to say to your team you're amazing!😃 I have basically got everyone of your magazine's! I love them.❤️ Thank you so much for making them!😉 Thank you Tg! Bye!👋 - Kylie

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