Plastic Ain't So Fantastic: Part 3

by Laura | Jul 13, 2018

Hey guys!


So you’ve finally made it to part 3 – the last section of my ‘Plastic Ain’t So Fantastic’ post. Well done you! It’s been quite the journey, hey? Once again, if you haven’t read parts 1 & 2, I do suggest going back and reading them before you hit this up. That said, this one pretty much stands on its own, so if your current mood is lazy gal x 100, no judgement here! Most of my moods tend to fall into that category, TBH :P


OK so I promised to spill the T on my fave packaging-free prods that my besties over at LUSH hooked me up with, so I’m going to dive right in like a sassy sea turtle on a hot day. You ready? Let's go!

Shampoo bars



What can I say, these cuties have literally transformed the way I think about hair care. To tell you the truth, I was a little wary at first. I wasn’t convinced that they would be able to give my hair the TLC it needs, but after trying them, I am a lifetime convert! So far I’ve tried ‘Seanik’ (blue), ‘Jason and the Argon Oil’ (pink) and ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ (cream). They are all great for different things; for example, I find that Seanik is super clarifying and adds killer volume, Jason gets me Katy Perry-worthy shine, and Honey makes my locks suuuper soft and smells absolutely divine.


Don’t be fooled: these bars foam up like crazy, so you don’t need much product to get a good lather going. After you’ve used the bar, either leave it on a soap holder rack in the shower, or sit it on its side in one of the cute little reusable tins (you can buy these separately) so that it can dry out properly.


One of the best things about these bars is that they are really cost-effective: they are $14.95 each and last up to 60 washes (that’s about 25 cents per wash!). And if you’re like me and only wash your hair twice a week, each bar should last about 6-9 months.


Solid conditioner


I’ve been using the ‘Jungle’ solid conditioner, and it’s pretty interesting! To be perfectly honest, it takes a little getting used to as it’s a very different experience from the thick, liquidy products we’ve grown accustomed to. It’s fairly thin, so it kinda doesn’t really feel like much is going on – and this troubled me the first time. BUT, I can confirm that my hair feels incredible after use. V lush indeed, LOL.



Avocado co-wash


This product is a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, aka, the lazy girl’s best friend! (It would be hilariously ironic if any TGs out there miss out on seeing this coz they were feeling too lazy to read this whole post, haha!) I‘ve only tried this product once, and as far as two-in-ones go, it was super impressive. My hair felt lovely and soft after use, and because it gently cleanses without stripping the hair of its natural oils, I think it could definitely be used more frequently than regular shampoos. I’m going to start using it for those ‘in between’ washes when it isn’t actually my usual hair-washing day, but I’m craving those freshly-washed hair feels.


Hair treatment sticks


This has gotta be one of the most inventive ways of delivering a packaging-free product I’ve ever seen! You know those delish hot choccy sticks you can buy? They’re basically just like that! You just pop the stick in a mug of boiling water and stir until it has completely melted. Just like magic, it transforms into a thick, luxurious treatment for your locks! FTW!


Massage bars


These massage bars are simply magical! I use my ‘Pearl’ bar (left) as a post-shower body butter and it makes my skin feel off-the-charts soft. And I rub the ‘Wiccy’ (right) into my sore muscles after a long dance sesh – it instantly relieves the tension and leaves my skin silky smooth.




My absolute fave product! And not just from LUSH, my fave EVER! This little guy is an in-shower body butter and gentle exfoliator (YAY for another lazy-girl prod!) and he permanently sits on my soap rack in my shower. About twice a week, I rub it all over just before I’m about to hop out of the shower and it makes my skin literally radiate with a glow reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s all day long! I swear! The smell lingers on your skin for hours, and it’s so heavenly that I have to actively stop myself from smelling my forearm all day. No word of a lie.


So there you have it, TGs! Just like that, you’ve made it to the end of my 3-part blog about packaging-free prods. Mammoth effort, guys! Thank you so much for staying with me – you all give me LIFE! But before I love and leave you, I want to know:


If you could create a plastic packaging-free beauty product that would change the world, what would it be?


Submit your answers in the comments below for the chance to win a LUSH Scrubee, worth $14.95! (Only TGs living in Aus are eligible. The winner will be notified via email on Friday July 20.) Good luck!


Xo Laura


  1. 14 Alyssa 13 Jul
    Hi Laura, all the products look amazing!
    if I could make a plastic packaging free beauty product it would be hand soap that comes in mini boxes as hand soaps come in plastic packaging and so this would be better for the environment 
    Alyssa xoxo 
  2. 13 Isabel 13 Jul
    this is so cool i have read it i love it!
  3. 12 TG's Laura 16 Jul
    Hey Alyssa! YAY, so glad you heart these prods too! And I absolutely love your idea about the hand soaps in mini boxes – so much better for the environment, and I'm sure they'd look super squee too. I'm picturing all the little boxes in an array of funky colours and patterns *Heart eyes emoji* – so cute!!! x 
  4. 11 TG's Laura 16 Jul
    Hey Isabel! Well done for smashing through my 3-part blog – I know it was a long one! Gosh I'm so lucky to have you guys as regular readers :) Do you have an idea for a packaging-free beauty prod? I'd love to hear it if you do, plus you'll go in the running to win my fave product (the Scrubee!) x
  5. 10 Mary 16 Jul
    Hey Laura. I love your blog! If I could create a plastic packaging-free beauty product that would be a moisturising sugar scrub. It would come in a cute little box full with a sugar scrub of all different scents and colours! It could be similar to Lush's Ocean salt scrub!
  6. 9 TG's Laura 16 Jul
    Hey Mary! I'm so happy to hear you love my blog :) Ooooh, a moisturising sugar scrub in a box would be fab! Or maybe even one of those cute little mason jars? Love it x
  7. 8 Kate 24 Jul
    Hi, I love Total Girl and always get the magazines when I can. 
    I am sorry to say this but lush products contain palm oil which is bad because to get it, animals such as primates’s habitats are destroyed. 
  8. 7 TG's Laura 26 Jul
    Hey Kate! Thanks for writing in. That's wonderful that you're so passionate about saving our animals' habitats – it sounds like you're already an eco-warrior, which is so super cool. Yes, it is true that some LUSH prods contain palm oil, but they have been working on removing it from their supply chain for about 10 years now. (It's a very long and complicated process unfortunately.) All of their soap bases are palm free, but many of them contain an ingredient called sodium stearate, which is not palm free. It's defs not ideal, but we can get some comfort in knowing that they are well and truly on the case and are constantly working with their suppliers and product inventors to be able to produce a palm-free sodium stearate that they can eventually use for all their products – how awesome will that be?! x 
  9. 6 Kate 26 Jul
    Thanks, That's great news to know that they are working on making the products palm free! 
  10. 5 Matilda 29 Jul
    Laura, I saw that you like plastics free shampoos and beauty products. There's  this New Zealand brand named Ethique that is completely plastic, palm oil, and animal cruelty free. I use their products because they work really
     well and aren't harmful to the environment. Try them out. They are amazing!

    To anyone who wants to help the environment, give Ethique products a go!
  11. 4 TG's Laura 01 Aug
    Hi Matilda! Thank you SO much for the hot tip! I just had a squiz on the Ethique website and the prods look incredible – I can't wait to give them a try :) x
  12. 3 Alyssa 17 Aug
    Hello Laura!
    when will you be posting new content to your blog?
  13. 2 marni 02 Sep
    a soap shampoo condiner and moustrisour all in one
  14. 1 indi 09 Sep
    a shampoo conditinor moustriser and purfume all in one


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